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Baby Momma Drama


Sean gets a question from a loyal listener. How to deal with baby momma drama. how to talk to kids about a new man/woman in your life. how do you discipline kids.

You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge. You're listening to dads with Swag, where your coach Shawn has the tools to help you navigate some of life's ups and downs. Let's do it. Whether you're trying to balance work in life, going through a difficult time in marriage or trying to manifest that perfect mate, Shaun can get you from where you are to where you want to be. Loving husband and dadded two amazing girls. Your coach Shunk can help you Trin your dreams into goals and make them a reality. No more faking change. Is kind of start making change with the swaggy's out of them all, your coach Seawan what is welcome back to dad's with swag. We're coming at you live from the swaggiest studios of all the DADS with Swag Studios. We got a great show for you this week, man, I'm telling you. It's called Baby Mama drama and this week's episode was recommended to us by a listener, and I love it when the listeners interact with the show, and this listener, she wrote into the show and she had a topic that she wanted to talk about and basically she wrote Hay Sean, I was just wondering if you do a podcast on life after divorce separation when you have children involved, how to explain to the children what's going on, how to handle introducing a new partner into the relationship? What boundaries should step parents not cross with your children, such as discipline? I've been future Hubby. I've been with future Hubby for three years and I've been with him through everything from custody hearings too, first days of school. It hasn't been easy and we've had our fair share of arguments, but we're willing to learn more and help blend our family and make it strong. Background Info. Future husband has one daughter, currently six years old, turning seven in October. I met daughter at age four, around a year after Hubby got divorced. They have fifty custody. They exchange on Wednesdays and Sundays. Future husband and baby Mama don't have a good relationship. Communication is very limited between the two. We got you. We got you on is this topic? This is a good topic because I do get a lot of questions in reference to this. I get a lot of questions about, you know, how do you blend a family? How do you integrate a new partner into it an existing fly and I know from personal experience because I've done it, and there are some challenges and there are some hip cups and they're you know, I'm just going to explain this from my point of view. Now everybody's going to have a different point of view and some people are going to like what I got to say and some people aren't going to like what I got to say. Everybody has the opportunity to do things differently. They can do them their way. Another quick thing about today's show. We're going to do another one at those small scale shows with no music. I know that's going to bump some people out, but it's going to be make some people happy and I'm kind of figuring out the platform of the show here and see what the listeners like. More. Do you guys like the music breaks? You know, especially if you're in a car, it breaks up the monotony a little bit. Will still have some advertisements and stuff because we got to pay two bills to keep the lights on here, but we're not going to go with any musical breaks and it'll be a little condensed show. So let's get to her first question.

How do you explain to the kids what's going on? So I'm going to chop this up into two different topics. One, how do you explain to your kids that you're going through divorce right that Mommy and daddy are splitting up, that the family dynamic that they're used to is going to change? Now, for me, when Baby Mama walked out the door, my kids was little, like one year years old, two years old, they were, they were young. So only my oldest daughter, Bella, kind of remembers a little bit about mom and dad being together, but I don't think she really remembers that much. I think her memory is more from stories that she's heard and then she remembers those stories. I don't know if she could actually picture that stuff in her brain. And Ava she doesn't remember anything like no, and sometimes that's hard for her because she sometimes wants to be like, well, what was it like when when Mommy and daddy were together, because for her there's like no real explanation because she doesn't know like the bad times or the good times. You know, for her it's just these times. So for my kids I didn't really have to have the chat right, the talk, the the sit down and tell the kids you know what's going on. But what I would recommend is that, first and foremost, the most important thing. If you can't communicate anything else, that the kids properly like nothing else is coming out of your mouth that makes sense at all. If you can get this one aspect down, you're going to be doing okay, and that aspect is no matter what, Mommy and daddy love you guys right like. This has nothing to do with you. Sometimes kids take it upon themselves because they think that the reason their parents are splitting up is all because of them. But it's not right. It's because mom, it's because a dad, and it's probably sharing a blame fifty fifty. Even though you think that, like you know it was your ex that caused all the problems. It was probably equally your fault as it was your ex's fault. You guys are both equally to blame, I guarantee it. Like every client that I've had, you know they have some share in in what happened and what took place. You know they have some responsibility that they have to own up to, and a lot of times a spouse won't own up to it. Whether they won't own up to it to themselves or they won't own up to it publicly. You know, there's a lot of different things, but and my experience, it's fifty on why shit went south. So just let the kids know that it's not about them. But what happens, especially when kids get older? You know, parents are already and angry with each other, right, they're already on edge with each other, and then a kid says something or asks for something and then that's sparks a big argument between the parents, even though what the kid did or said has nothing to do with it. Right, parents were just so close to exploding that they was just itching for something to argue about. So kids take that on and then they think, man, this is all my fault, I'm the cause of all this. I'm no reason for my parents divorce. You got to let them know that, hey, it's not you. We love you immensely, will always be there for you. We're going to always love you. You know, if if you could tell them that, hey, you know, just could you know daddy still loves mommy and loves her as a friend and loves her as your mother. I just not in love with her. I just am not romantically in love with her or physically in love with her or emotionally in love with her, but I do love the fact that I chose her to... your parents. That could that can go a long way as well. And always definitely try to respect the other person. I know that's hard. That is hard, especially, you know, for me as well. That's challenging because especially as Tom goes on or you know, sometimes it's really bad at the beginning and then it gets better and then, you know, more dynamics change and it gets worse. But at least try to have respect, especially in front of your kids, for that x that's going to go. That's going to go a great a great way, a great deal of currency, you know, that love currency that you're going to put into your kids by letting them know that, hey, I might not be married to your mom, but I still respect your mom, especially when a kids get a little older and they start misbehaving, you know, and you can't go to your kid and be like, Yo, why didn't you listen to your mom, or why didn't you listen to your dad? And then they're like, well, you don't listen to her, why do I have to listen to her? Or you don't like her, why do I have to like her? You know? So it's you got to at least fake it till you make it, you know what I'm saying. You have to at least show some form of respect, if for nothing else just to help your children grow as people and young adults to always respect people. So that's what I would do. I would really just sit the kids down and let him know that, hey, this is about us, this isn't about you. We understand that this is going to affect your life tremendously, but you're not the reason for this. doessolving of the marriage mommy and Daddy, or the reason for it. Put all blame on us. And then, you know, when it gets to the new partner, the new bringing a new person into the relationship. You know, as a dad, my kids are the most important thing to me in my life and I went with the slow and low aspect of introducing my new wife to my kids. When I was dating after my divorce, I would start off every day with the same, same things. I don't want to get married, you're never going to meet my kids. Nice to meet you. You know what I'm saying. Like it's it would that was just my got like I didn't expect to meet anybody who would be amazing enough to introduce to my kids, you know, until I met my new wife, who then it was like okay, this is you know, it's going to work out. But even then it was a slow process and throughout the entire process I sat down personally and talked to my kids one on one. I wanted to get their input every step it away. So we're going to kind of skip a little. We're going to jump to her question about how do you introduce a new partner and we're going to come back to the explain to your kids what's going on. So the introduce the new partner. It's kind of I'm going to break it up into some segments and that's probably still part of her question about how do you explain to the kids what's going on. So we're going to do that right after this break. Now that to dad's was swag with your host, Shawn up on some I love to get back to charity. Sometimes I find it hard to just cut a big check. I get so busy with the wife and kids. I'm more of a set it and forget it kind of guy. That's why I love the Angel Club. I can pick the amount I want taking out of my checking account every month. I never see the money, so I never miss the money and I could always feel good knowing I'm giving back every month.

If you want to join the Angel Club, just go to Pierce Family Foundationcom. Welcome back to dad's with swag. Check us out on itunes and please subscribe, rate and review the show. We need all the love we can get. You can find all our past episodes on Dad's with swagcom. Follow us on social media at your coach, Shawn, and if you have any questions or show ideas or you want to come on the show, email me at Sean at Sean Alfonsocom so let's get into this. How do you introduce a new partner to your kids? You know me, like I said, I'm very cautious man. I took a slow, very, very slow and I actually I thought about it in advance just in case. I was more worried about my ex wife finding a new partner than I was thinking about a new partner. But what I did was I put it in the divorce decree. I put in the divorce decree that, hey, if you're in a serious relationship and you're going to introduce the kids to somebody and be romantic and kissing hug and hold hands and do all that kind of stuff in front of the kids, then the x needs to be able to meet the person first. And it's not for like a controlling thing or a judgment thing, but it's more of kind of like a not surprised thing, you know, when your kids come home, like they always will, and they're going to be like, you know, Yo, Mommy, Daddy's got a girlfriend and you know she has blond hair and her name is Megan, and then at least the the the X, will be able to be like, Oh, yeah, I know, I met her before. She's a Nice Lady, so I think that like, that's one again. That's the same thing. You know, you're building that system to where us all about the kids, right. You know, it's like it you're showing the kids that we know what's going on, we know who mommy and daddy are dating and we know you know that the rules at one house or this way and the rules at this house or this way, and we talk and we try to get on page with the same rules and the same discipline and you know all that kind of stuff and down the road it's going to help a lot because the kids are going to know you know that they can't get away with anything. So I put in my divorce decree that, you know, if if one of us starts dating somebody seriously and we're going to introduce them to the children, then there has to be a meeting beforehand with the x and the X has no saying it. You can't say no, I don't like that person and you can't date that person, or I don't want my kids to meet that person. They don't have any saying it whatsoever. But there has to be that meeting, just that encounter, so they know who their kids are talking about when their kids are talking about them, and so we you know, when I first started dating Megan Man, we dated for a while before she met my kids and basically then after that she would meet, she'd see my kids and she met my kids and she knew my kids, but it was only at large scale events, right like if I was having a big fourth of July party at my house with like eight people, you know, some friends and some some homies from Church and some other parents and kids, and you know friends of my kids. Then, you know, I wouldn't. I would invite Megan to that and be like Yo, you know you want to come to this. And then she would see the girls there and the girls would see her there. But the girls didn't know anything, right. We didn't hold hands, we didn't kiss, we didn't hug, we didn't do any of that stuff. It was just like hey, she was another one of my dad's friends, who I have a lot of friends, both male and female. So it wouldn't be weird if the girls were to talk about her to their mom because I have so many, you know, close female...

...friends from Church or from business or whatever it may be. And then after that, then it was like, okay, I see things going. It was probably like another six months to a year. After that I'm like, okay, I see things going in a positive direction. So I introduced my ex to my current wife and we just met at starbucks. It was like fifteen minutes, maybe not even that. It was Hella Awkward, right. It was Hella awkward for everybody and we just did it. Now the funny thing is we found out, which is funny to me, probably not funny to some of my baby Mama but she actually like googled my current wife and like did all his research. So it was even like a little more weird because it's like why would you do that, like and and maybe it's like today's Day and age. I don't know people do that. I've never googled anybody like. I don't. I don't like just like I meet somebody, I'm like, Oh, let me Google you and find out information about you, like if I got questions about you, I'm just going to ask them. I'm just going to straight up ask you, like you know, I don't know why I would google somebody. It would never I would never even think to do that. But it's crazy, like even even my ex and her new husband, they like Google my wife and her family and all this stuff, and it's bananas. I'm like, it's creepy. It's like stalking. To me it's a form of stalking, but it's probably just a form of jealousy. But anyways, I digress. That's for a different show. So after my ex met you know, Megan, who in all for all intensive purposes and out in society and everywhere else in the world, she was my girlfriend. To my kids, she was just a friend of Daddy's right. I out in public, we kissing, we hugging, but I would make sure that we would go to different parts of town that my kids wouldn't be at. So I went like accidentally bumping to my kids as I'm coming out of the movie theater holding hands with her. You know what I'm saying? Like we was, we kept it on a down low, except for like with our friends and stuff like that. They all knew what was going on. So then what I did was I sat down with the kids and I asked them. I'm like, Hey, you know, what do you guys think about Megan? He like her? Whoop, whoop. You know, what do you think about if she became daddy's girlfriend? You know, nothing would change with us. I would still love you. It's not going to take any of my love away from you, and I think that's one another point to make sure that you bring up, is to let your kids know that if you're bringing in a new hut, a new boyfriend or new girlfriend, that that's not going to change the amount of love I have for you. Like nothing could ever change that love. And for me, I'm lucky. I have two little girls, so I could say you know Isabella. It's like when we had a va, I didn't love you less, like I can't love Bella less just because I got another kid. My heart is just big enough to love you both so much and my heart's big enough to love somebody else so much and my heart's big enough to love a lot of people, a whole bunch. So I think that's really important because I think one of their fears, even though they might not express it, is that of being forgotten about or unloved or left behind or pushed aside. And I know like, I know. I seen it firsthand. There are a lot of single dad's and single moms out there that do just that right. They put their dating life and their self interests ahead of their kids. Right it's like, Oh, Daddy's going on a date, now you're with the babysitter. Oh Mommy's going on a date, now watch your brother. Like I didn't do any of that stuff. I pretty much anything when it was my time with the kids. Megan would very rarely come over, mostly on like the weekends and stuff, but we would just do stuff together and and I really just dated her on my off days, especially at the beginning,...

...when, when, when the when the when the girls knew about their relationship, I'd really tried to focus all my attention on the girls and and Megan try to focus all her attention on the girls. So when we were together with the girls, it was like me doting on the girls and her doating on the girls, so it was like they were getting double attention. So that's important, right. It's important to try kind of like put yourself aside for a little bit and just focus on the kids, at least for the first six months to get them comfortable. The other thing I did was I asked the girls, you know, what are some of your fears? What are some of your expectations? What do you excited about? I really let them in on the whole process and it was like that the entire time, the entire way. It was like that. And and you know, this kind of ties in with the whole explain to your kids what's going on. Before you know, Megan and I had talked about her moving in with the girls and I and I'm like I digested it and I was probably like three years after we've been together at this point, and I'm like, all right, I got to talk to the girls let's talk to the girls about it and see what it you know, what's going on with them. So I did just that, you know, I sat down with the girls and I said, Hey, what do you guys think about, you know, Megan moving in with us? And I did this when Megan not there, so they could be as honest as they needed to be. And you know, they were both excited about it. My oldest Bella, she was a little tentative, you know, because she I think she was really nervous that daddy wouldn't love her anymore. So she was a little tentative at first, but she didn't have very many, you know, hesitations other than that. And I knew, I trusted in my heart and in my gut that Megan was delivered to me by God to make my family better and make my home better and make my life better. So I knew that Isabella's fears were just that, they were just fears for the moment and that those would slowly diminish. And then, you know, before I asked Megan to marry me, I talked to the girls about that as well. You know, I explain to them, you know, Daddy really loves Megan. We like to make this thing official. You know, what do you guys think? Once again, they were both on board. Is Abella still had some hesitation. You know, she didn't want a new stepmom. She didn't want a new mom. Her mom had just gotten remarried and you know, she doesn't have a she doesn't like that dude. She don't have a good relationship with that cat. So she was nervous about it changing her relationship with Megan and like, would she become the evil stepmom and all that kind of stuff, and but we we went and at but everything else was great. She loved Megan. She she was down for the long term relationship and all that. She was just nervous at the moment. And so that's basically how I introduced my new partner to my kids. Now I know some people out there do it completely different. You know, I know some people that like they introduce their kids on first dates. They're like, hey, why don't you get your kids and I'll get my kids and you know, we'll go to Peter Piper pizza together and will hang out and have a playdate and we can make out and you know, maybe we'll have a sleepover at my house and the kids can eat popcorn and watch movies and then we can go into bedroom and smash like that's another way to do it. I don't agree with that way. I don't think that way is cool. I think you're setting things up for failure. I think you're giving a bad example to the kids. Now, if you do that once and it turns into a long lasting loving relationship, cool. I have never seen that happen and all my years of experience I've never heard...

...of that happening. But if it's happened for you, no judgment at all. I'm proud of you and I'm happy that it worked out. But from what I've seen, most of it's that most of the time those relationships will last a few months or a couple years, especially if you move the kids in and, you know, join the Famili's real or early without taking the time to really build the dynamics. Those things fizzle out and there's a lot of resentment and a lot of hatred and then you just do the same thing again. I know people who have set up those playdate type dates and they probably gone through like five or six dudes or five or six women in the course of a year. I couldn't comprehend introducing my kids to to to five or six different people. The only women that my kids have ever seen me kiss, and actually Ay Ain never seen me kiss, but Bella, the only is my current wife and my previous wife. That's it. That's it, like they don't need to see me with any more people to that right. So that's just my two cents, my soapbox. But once again, like I said, DADS was swag. We don't judge here. You could, you could. If Shit works for you, do you. I'm not here to judge. I'm just here to give my opinion and my viewpoint. If you got a different opinion or different viewpoint, hit me up, let's chat about it. Maybe we could turn it into an entire episode. Maybe we can get you on the show and you can give your advantage point. You're be like Yo Shan. I met a lady at the gym. She had two kids, I had two kids. We went to Peter Piper Pizza, we made out a little, we had slumber party, you know, sleepovers, and you know, we would smash every night and it worked out great and we did it like that for like a year or two and then the relationship dissolved, but we're still great friends and our kids are still great friends and it's amazing. Then I'd love to hear about that story. Call me up, but uh so, that's kind of like my two cents on introducing a new partner. We about to take another quick break. Will be right back to get to some boundaries that step parents shouldn't cross. Now back to dad's was swag with your host, Shawn, up on some Yo fellas. Did you know sixty percent of men start losing their hair by the age of thirty five? It's also way easier to keep the hair you have then it is to regrow hair. Lucky for you, I have a swagged out, VIP, private entrance type solution. It's called for Hymnscom, a one stop shop for hair loss and sexual wellness for men. Look, with kids, work and that honey do list, who has time to hit up the doctor and get help with hair loss? What if I told you I can hook you up with the way you can get a prescription for hair loss and sexual wellness from the comfort of your own home, and I'm not talking some quote unquote supplement you pick up the gas station or on late night TV. I'm talking real prescription medicine that has a proven track record. All you have to do is fill out a few questions and send in a couple picks of your scout. Then a real doctor will look over your Info and prescribe your medication. That will ship discreetly to you from for hymns, and I got the hook up for you. Order now. My listeners get a trial month of hymns for just five dollars right now, while supplies last. See Website for details. This would cost hundreds if you went to a doctor or pharmacy. Go to for hymnscom swag. That's for hymnscom swag. Four himscom swag...

...for him's swag. Welcome back to dad's with swag. Check us out on itunes and please subscribe, rate and review the show. We need all the love we can get. You can find all our past episodes on Dad's with swacom. Follow us on social media at your coach, Shawn, and if you have any questions or show ideas or you want to come on the show, email me at Sean at Sean alfonsocom. So what are some boundaries step parents shouldn't cross, such as discipline. Now, this is a great question, man. I really mean it because, you know, we struggle as parents with this kind of stuff all the time and it's like that fine line right where you want to integrate the the step parent, the bonus parent. Right, we're trying to use that term bonus mom with Wifei, but it. You know, you're trying to integrate this person into the household. But how do they discipline and how does all that work? Now for me, I pride myself on raising respectable kids, right, that kids that listen, that are respectful. But they're also kids and they're also at ages where they're testing boundaries, they're figuring out rules, they're figuring out who they are and what their beliefs are. So there are sometimes that are kind of testing and and and trialing, you know. So when when Wifei first moved in with the family, her and I kind of talked about it and I said, Hey, you know what, I'm going to be the bad cop always. I'm just going to be the bad cop. Let's just leave it at that. If you see that the girls didn't hang their towel up after their bath or shower, let me know and then I'll go let them know if they didn't put their dish into sink or put something away or something like that. Let me know and I'll let them know. And we also talked about, you know, the I discouraged Wifie from saying I'm going to have your dad talk to you or I'm going to go tell your dad and have him talk to you, because I knew that with our larger plan, our larger scale plan, that wouldn't be a good solution. Right. So she would text me. She sent me a text. Ay, AB didn't hang up her towel, or hey, babe, bell didn't make her bed before school this morning, or like whatever it may be. Right. And then I would just be like Yo, I saw you make your better. Hey, I'll come, not to houselow on the floor. Right. I always played the bad cop and it worked out really well and we did that for probably about two years. Right. And every now and then Megan would say something. She'd be like Hey, bell, can you put that dish in the sink? Right, and it would just be every random every now and then, so they didn't just think that like, Oh, here she moved in and now we got all these new rules, or here she moved in and everything's changing, like all they were hearing was the same thing that daddy told them all the time, just from a different voice, a different point of view. So that's what we did. Discipline, I guess I don't really this is going to sound horrible, but I don't really discipline the girls that much. Right, there's not that much of a need to discipline. I've never hit my kids. I've given him time out. Now my youngest one, AVA, as everybody knows from episode, episode, episode, that I've done. She's my firecracker, right, she's she is my live wire, right.

So what AVA? It gets a little more challenging. You know, we do have to take away screen time a lot from Eva. We do have to talk to Ava a lot more and, shamefully, I yell. Right, I got this Italian blood up in me, Irish, Italian German blood going through my veins, and I get hot headed and I get hotheaded quick right. So it it definitely I do yell more, or I guess see, and that's the thing, little girl, see, it is yelling to me. I'm just talking loud, but I do do that quite a bit and I have to do that a lot to ava. Talk loud at her in order to get her to listen, because she's at that age, you know, that ten year old age, where kids are they're not quite teenagers, right, they're not quite audolescence, but they don't want to be babies anymore. Right, they don't want to be babies. They want to have an opinion and they want to do things their way and they're trying to figure out what their way is. So, but I we don't spank or anything like that. So Megan has lived with us for probably almost four years, three and a half, four years somewhere, I can't remember. And she has probably yelled at the girls or has taken something away from them, like a severe you know, you just lost screen time for a week or something like that, probably like five or six times. Other than that, I handle all the discipline, all the misbehaving and things like that. Now over the next three or four years that number will probably double with Megan, you know, and it'll you know, right now I'm probably I'm probably taken ava screen time away ten times a year. Megan's probably taken ava screen time away three times a year. Next year we'll probably it'll probably be more equal, you know, six and six, you know, seven and six, something like that, and and that. And it's the same thing with Isabella. Isabella doesn't really get discipline. She's a good kid. It was a good kid to she, like I said, just high spirited. But Bella, she doesn't really lose stuff too much, you know, she kind of just make sure she handles her busines and is but we would eventually within the next year, the discipline on that would be fifty. But now wife, he's got no problem telling Ava, AVA, hang up your towel after your shower, because she still don't. You know, kid takes a couple hundred showers a year and she still can't hang up her shower. We've bought her towel, we've bought hooks, we've got stool, like everything you could think of. I'm like Ay, just leave it on the counter if you got to, but it always ends up either on the floor of the bathroom or on the floor of her bedroom. That's like trying to train a cat with that one. But that'd be my recommendations on the boundaries. I would start small. Let the natural parent be the bad person. Another thing that I'm going to chime in on is I think it's important. It's amazing if your husband or soon to be husband and his ex had the same discipline at each house. Unfortunately, my relationship we don't have that. I disciplined the kids one way. My ex disciplines I'm completely different. Not completely different, but differently. You know, I don't allow my thirteen year old to watch our rated movies. She allows the thirteen year old to watch our rated movies. You know she allows the thirteen year old to wear makeup. I allow the thirteen year old to wear mascre and lipstick. So there are some separation rules,...

...but my wife and I follow our house rules and we support each other and we got each other's back on our house rules. So the girls know what to expect and we're always united front. And I think as long as you communicate with your spouse and your current boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife, and you communicate on your guys's family style and your guys as family rules, that it'll work out in the end and you guys are united front because you know it's really important that you know us as parents. And I still have a hard time with this, but I try to remind myself every day that I got to put God first, my wife second and my kids third, and that's the way it's written in a Bible and that's the way that God wants it done. And then my work life is forth, you know, down there. All the other shit falls down at the bottom, but it's God and wife, then kids. And if you guys can try to run your life that way, you know, whatever your God maybe, or whatever your higher power is or whatever spirit you believe in or, you know, mother Earth or whatever it is, if you put that stuff first and then after that your spouse and you put all that attention in that love and that caring and that can passion into your spouse and then you both filter that that same love and compassionate energy down to the kids. It's going to make for a great blended family. Once again, I just want to I want to thank my listener who had some questions and had the courage to shoot in this email. I hope I answered all your questions. If I didn't, hit me back up. I'd love to hear from you. Anybody out there following me on social media. Hit me up on social media, and I also social media is at your coach on and I got this cool ass thing we're doing for father's Day where you can win some cigar stuff. DAD's out there. Most Dad's love cigars. Like cigars. You could nominate your dad or your husband and you kind of basically just say why you think they deserve the dad of the Swag Year award, why they're the swaggiest dad of the year, and if your story wins or if your dad wins, then they'll get something from a cigar company and we're working out all the details. We're working out you know what Cigar Company and all that kind of stuff. But it's going to be hot and it's going to be cool and you guys are going to love it. So make sure to follow us on social media at your coach San because that's primarily where the contest is going to run. So follow us. I look forward to hearing from you guys. Dm Me, email me, call me, do whatever you got to do, but hey, whatever you do, stay swaggy. We out. Thanks for listening to DAD's with Swag. Check out new episodes every Thursday or go to dad's with swagcom. Download past episodes.

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