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Guns in Schools???


In this episode of dads with swag Sean talks about Guns. The laws, teachers, Schools, Kindness, community.    for 25% off you first order

You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge. You're listening to dad's with Swag, where your coach Shawn has the tools to help you navigate some of life's ups and downs. Let's do it. Whether you're trying to balance work in life, going through a difficult time in marriage or trying to manifest that perfect mate, Shawn can get you from where you are to where you want to be. Loving husband and dadded two amazing girls. Your coach Shunk can help you Trin your dreams into goals and make them a reality. No more faking change. Is kind of start making change with the swaggy'st out of them all. Your coach Shawn. What is a welcome back to another episode of Dad's went swag. We're coming at you from the swaggy studios of all that brand new dad's with Swag Studio. Yeah, today the topic is guns and schools. Now, I know this topic. You know it's a it's a little sketchy because you got people on both sides of the line. You know what I'm saying. You got the pros and the AUNTIES and I'm not sure exactly where I fall. So that's why I wanted to do this episode because, as I figured, you know, let's figure out what the parents want. You know, what are the swaggy parents out there want? What are their thoughts? So I figured this would be a great time to just kind of throw some information out there and then you guys could hit me up on social media, where you could email me at Sean, at Shan Alfonsocom, and you could, you know, let me know what you think about this topic. You know, all of our other tough all of our other shows can be found at DAD's would swagcom. You can go to my website, Sean alfonsocom, and you could check out the link there as well. You can find us on Itunes, stitcher, iheartradio, the blueberry website, pod track, all kinds of different all kinds of different formats, google play. You could, if you got an Alexa, you could even find us. What your Alexa Man, it is a lot of new technology coming out, but we're talking about guns in schools and we're also going to do a different kind of episode. We have done this once before and I didn't get much feedback on it either way, so I wanted to try it again and see what you people thought. We're going to do kind of like an abbreviated episode with no music. There will be a couple commercial breaks, you know, got to pay our sponsors, but there'll be no music and it'll kind of bring our our showdown to about thirty minutes. So hit me up on social media at your coach, Shawn, or shoot me an email at sean a, Sean Alfonsocom and let me know what you think about this new format. But let's get into this, man, guns in schools, right, it's crazy to think. It's kind of crazy to think that like we'd have guns and schools and, you know what, all this stuff that's going on. I understand how you know us as parents, we want, like our kids to be as safe as possible, right, we want their safeties are number one concern, and our guns in schools like a way to accomplish that. You know, we're going to get into that and we're going to get into a gun laws and more gun laws, stricter gun laws. What are the different answers to kind of like help us with somebody's, you know, mass shootings and and things like this that are going on here in the US. So guns in schools, like my question I guess my first question to a lot of my listeners is, do we really want teachers to carry guns? Right, like, I don't know about your kids school, but... I all of a sudden go through a list of teachers at my kids schools and I love our teachers dearly. We got amazing educators at our school, but that's exactly what they are. They're educators. They're not trained security, they're not trained police officers. You know, one or two of them might be like ex military, I don't know. Yeah, I don't know every teacher's background, but just from what I do know of a lot of the teachers at my kids school, I don't want them having a gun in their hand. Right. And now, let's say they do strap up and we do give them guns, right, do you really think that when like the shit hits the fan, they're going to like react the way that they're sup they think that they're going to react? Do you really think that they're like going to pull out the heater and be like pop, pop pop, or are they going to get scared and nervous, maybe freeze up? I don't know right. You know, I'm if somebody, if I was in that situation and it wasn't my kid or my wife or my family, I might not be able to take another person's life. I might not be able to do that. I can't sit here and a hundred percent. That's why I ever joined the military. Right. I'm kind of like, you know, Muhammad Ali. The Viet Cong ain't done shit to me. I can't just go somewhere and like smoke somebody for no reason. Now, if you invading my house and I feel that my kids are my wife or myself is in danger, then yeah, I'm you know, I'm going to I'm going to blas some people up, but like, in that situation, will somebody freeze up right? So is that really the answer? Like I don't know. It's just it shits me out right. And there's probably a couple people, and I'm probably being so stereotypical, but like the PE coaches, right, you probably assume the PE coaches, the custodians, they could probably smoke a couple people. And there's a couple other fe male teachers that I'm like Nah, without a shadow of doubt, they come out guns ablazing. But then there's also some teachers where I'm like no, God, they don't need a gun, they wouldn't use the gun. They're probably gonna, you know, be too nervous to get it out of the safer, out of their holster, or whatever the case may be. You know. So then, do we just have police officers are armed guards at every school? Right, because these are the people that, day in and day out, trained for this kind of stuff. Right. But even in the in the in the in the Florida shooting we had, you know that people are saying, I don't know if it's true or not, because I wasn't there, I didn't see what my own eyes, but there are people saying that even the sheriff's department officers, who are trained, highly trained to go into an occasion when everybody else is running out, even some of those dudes froze up. Right. So now it's like we none of us really know how we're going to react when somebody is shooting bullets at us. Right, I don't care who you are, I don't care how tough you are, I don't care how many people you done knocked out. None of us know exactly how we're going to react when people start shooting bullets at us. And unless you've been in that situation before and you're like, Sean, I've been in places where people was shooting bullets at me and nine times out of ten, this is what I did. Okay, so for the most part, we know what you're going to do. Right, everything the same thing did every other time. Did you run in, hide behind a car, or did you stand up and fire back? Right, we could take a good guess. But even if you've been a police officer for twenty years, you might not ever have pulled your gun out. You might not ever have been in a situation where somebody was shooting it you. So you have no idea, right, because things that shooting ranges and training centers and all that kind of stuff, that's one thing, but when you're like in the shit, that's you know, that's totally different. I wouldn't I wouldn't put I wouldn't put that on anybody.

Right, my worst enemy, I won't want them to be in that situation, because that's a hard situation to be in. That's a really hard so let me know what you guys think about that stuff. Like, do you really think that we should have armed guards, or should there be police at every school, public and private? And Charter school out there, college campuses. I know college campuses have security, but do all college campuses have armed guards or they just like rent to Popo right, like Mall Cops? And that's the other thing too. Does this go to the malls? Now you know, I know my kids. You know we got this mall down here in Scottsdale, Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall Man, and they got that thing that I'm going to tell you right now. If you a young person listening to this show, do not shoplift at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. They got undercover cops all over that mall. They got undercover cops driving fancy ass cars in the parking lot, undercover to see if people are getting doing shit, breaking into cars or when they steal something, if they running out. I saw no joke. I was with my girls and we was coming out of them all and and there was this kid. We just walking to the car and I saw this kid, this young teenage kid, and he had his hoodie up over his head and I just knew he had done something dirty. Right. You could just tell because I was that same kid. And when you come out of the the the entrance that the exit that we came out of. You could turn right or you could turn left. If you turn right, that's going to lead you to another exit that'll get you out to the street. If you turn left, that's just going to lead you like to a dead end wall like of just cars parked, parked, parked, parked, park like five or six rows down right. So the kid came out to exit and he turned left and I'm like, why is that kid turning left? Ain't nothing over there but a dead end. So I'm like, Oh, maybe he's going to go bust some windows and steal some stereos or something, right, I don't know. Then next thing I know this, and I'm not going to I'm not going to say what kind of car it is because I don't want to like I don't want everybody out there to know. But let's just say this very expensive, high end luxury sedan pulls up and is like looking and look in and I'm like, okay, it's just the lady who's lost in her car. Right, no big thing, because you see that brand of car all over town. And then these two dude, right, these big dudes, come running up to the ladies passenger window and they're like talking. I'm like, Oh, I don't know where them dudes came from, but maybe she's asking for directions. And they're talking and talking back and forth, and then the dudes leave and they go like darting off and I'm like why are those guys running? And then all of a sudden I see the kid with the Hoodie and he's like walking fast the other way across the garage because he must have realized, man, I can't get out this way. And then all of a sudden the lady started honking or Horn, honking or horn, and them two dudes came running back and this cop came out of this doorway and they him that kid up and like thirty seconds I was like, Holy Shit, those were all undercover police people at them all I'm like so now when my daughter's like, Daddy, can I go to the wall with my friends, I'm like you can go to any mall you want, as long as this Scottstell Fashion Square, because they got that place on lock and I ain't got a trip about you doing something dumb. And then the funny thing was right, because my daughter's at that age and I don't she's at the age I was at when I would steal stuff, right, I'd go into the mall and I'd go into the stores. You know, you shoplifts some video games or you know, things like that, and it's not that you didn't have the money to pay for it or, you know, you couldn't afford it, or you really even needed it. It was more like the thrill of doing it and your homies were like, Dude, just put that in your pants right, and that's why you did that stuff. And now my daughter's at that age and I'm trying to teach her not to do that stuff. But I'm telling you, that was a that was a big learning lesson because as we drove by home boy, I roll down my push down my windows and I said, girls,...

...that's why you don't shoplift at them all, because you will go to jail. And like right there their eyes lit up all big and the big poor kid man, he got put on blast. He puts his head down. It was like and I'm like hey, so next time you're at Claire's and one of your home girls is like hey, put that in your purse, you'll be like, nope, I know what happens to people that do that stuff. So hopefully they'll learn that lesson. But is every mall in America like that? Does every mall have so much security and armed security and trained security like that? You know, I know when I grew up we used to go down to the tamp for am mall and Bruno, you know, and it wasn't like that. There'd be like a couple rents a cops here and there that you could outrun easily. And then, you know, a couple of the stores had like lost prevention, you know, their eye in the sky, but you could trick those fools easily, you know. So you can get away with stuff like that. So I don't know, like do we need to be one of those countries where there's like military police everywhere, cops everywhere holding guns? I know when I when I travel outside the country, sometimes I'm startled by that. Right. You See, like where we have like TSA agents who don't have a gun, don't really have any authority over you. Right, you're not intimidated by a TSA agent and you go to a different country and they got like their military with like m six teens, right, they got msixteens at customs, like that's a little intimidating. You know, you'll be walking down city streets and you see like soldiers walking and like camel. I don't know if they're real soldiers. That just might be camels their police uniform, but they got like M sixteens and Shit. We go to Mexico a lot and they have like their police standing a back of trucks with like, you know, assault rifles and stuff, and it's a little intimidating. Is that where we're headed? Is that where we're going? Are there going to be like military at all of our schools? Is that a way to make things safer? Right now, seven states in the US. Seven states in the US allow people to carry a concealed weapon on school grounds. Now there's a lot of states out there that don't let any weapons on school grounds, whether you got a concealed weapons permit, whether you're a private detective, only police and that's it. But seven states they allow you to carry a concealed weapon to school if you're an adult. Right, the kids can't becoming strapped, but if you're an adult you can carry a concealed weapon on school property. So that's that's a little like. Okay, what parents, what parents holding you know what, parent what parents got a gun right now? Are Stricter gun laws the answer? You know, I don't know. I don't know if stricter gun laws or the answer, but I know that some of the laws that people are talking about might not be the answer and we're going to get into that right after this quick break. I love to get back to charity. Sometimes I find it hard to just cut a big check. I get so busy with the wife and kids. I'm more of a set it and forget it kind of guy. That's why I love the Angel Club. I can pick the amount I want taken out of my checking account every month. I never see the money, so I never miss the money and I could always feel good knowing I'm giving back every month. If you want to join the Angel Club, just go to Pierce Family Foundationcom. Now that to dad's with swag with your host Shawn, up on some welcome back to dad's with swag. Check us out on itunes and please subscribe, rate and review the show. We need all the love...

...we can get. You can find all our past episodes on Dad's with swagcom. Follow us on social media at your coach, Shawn, and if you have any questions or show ideas or you want to come on the show, email me at Sewan at Shan Alfonsocom. So, stricter gun laws. Some people don't think that's really going to work. Some people don't think that that's the answer, right because, look at it this way, most of the people that have committed like these horrible mass shootings have been so premeditated that the gun laws, the stricter gun laws that politicians have on the table today, aren't going to really prevent that. Right, because they don't care if they got to wait a week. They don't care if they got to wait a month. It just makes their planning time a little bit longer. Right, if they want to get an assault rifle, if they want to get a shotgun, if they will want to get a handgun or a rifle like whatever the other different types of guns are out there, and we say all right, if you want to get a hand gun, you got a wait a week. Well then they're going to wait a week order going to go try to get it on the street, right. Or if they got to wait two weeks to get a certain kind of gun and that's the kind of gun they want for whatever they got to do, they're going to wait that period of time and if they got a drive to different states to get different guns under fake ID's and aliases, they're going to do that, right, because people do that already. People who want to buy guns with Aminidity, they do it. I can go down right now at a certain part of Phoenix, I know for a fact, and with two within two hours I could have me a piece easy. Easy. How could do stop that? Right? So the are the laws really the answer? I'm not sure. I don't know. I'm you know, I I know that there's other countries that have taken away guns and they say that they're you know, masks. Shooting has gone down. Well, our crime, like you know, homicide rates and violent crime rates have gone down since the S and s and we still got a lot of guns and we still got pretty easy gun laws and a lot of states you don't even have to wait. You could go like right now. I live in Arizona. I can go right now, leave my house and within thirty minutes I could have a brand new gun right. Could do it. Not going to do it, but I could do it. You know, my Fatherinlaw, for instance, he got all kinds of guns. He's an advit hunter. I've talked about this on many a shows. Dude loves hunting, you know, but he's also a smart person. He also knows what damage a gun can do. You know, he would never shoot somebody with a gun because you don't do that. You shoot your dinner with the gun. You feed your family with the gun. Right. So is it fair for someone like him WHO's grown up with providing food for his family, and he does, like wife and a kids. We eat all kinds of stuff that my fatherin law kills, like he uses every part. He donates the hide to to people to make clothing. He uses all the meat he can use and if there's any left over, he donates that as well, like we eat like kings, whether it's venison or elk or fish, like everything. He catch it, he shoot it, we eat it, and that's just the way he was raised and broughught up. So should...

...he have to face the penalty? And I think that's where a lot of these like NRA people come from, right they're like, well, hold up a second, like, my parents never shot up nobody. I have no intent to shoot up anybody. So why are you going to take my guns away, and I don't think, like the majority of people, want to take people's guns away. Right, if you like to hunt and you like to do that stuff, I don't think people out there really want to take your guns away. We just want to feel safe. We want to feel safe in our homes, we want to feel safe in our movie theaters, we want to feel safe in our public places. Right and more importantly than anything, we want our kids to feel safe. They got enough trouble at school. They got enough problems going through school. They don't need more problems now worrying about their safety. But now, I remember when I was a kid and I went to school. I wouldn't necessarily say it was a safe place. Now. Did I think at any time someone would come shoot up my school? No, but did a lot of kids get their ass kicked at school daily? Yes. Did A lot of beatdowns go down to my school? Yes, did a lot of bullying and racial slurs and inappropriate comments go down at my school? Yes, and, and I could admit it myself, when I was a teenager I was a punk. I was a punk teenager, as a punk kid. And if you listen to this show, twenty five years later. I don't know, I can't remember how long I went to school, but and I was mean to you. I apologize because I was a punk kid. I was dealing with my own shit, I was dealing with my own problems. I didn't know how to act. If somebody bullied me, I'd go bullied somebody else. If a big kid pushed me around, I'd go push somebody else around. If my dad smacked me, I'd go smack somebody else right, because that's the only way you know how to deal with that kind of stuff as a kid. So where they're probably a lot of kids at my school. I could think of a couple people right now who probably were scared to go to school every day, who probably didn't like going to school because they were scared that they were going to get hurt or bullied or made fun of. So it's not like we could take that out completely right because because now it's just a different type of fear and a different type of bullying, like Internet bullying and cyber bullying. And you know, I go to all these parent you know conference type things where these people stand up and they're like, you know, professional cyber bully anti cyber bullying and all this and all that. So is that the answer? Like, is more kindness to answer? Like if we look at some of these people that came through the schools, like, and I don't want to blame anybody, right, I'm not gonna out here. I'm not here to say, you know, victim, blame people. I'm not going to do that. But I am saying that maybe if students and children were nicer to their classmates, all of their classmates, then maybe some of this stuff wouldn't happen. Right, because I haven't heard yet of one star athlete shooting up a school. I haven't heard yet of one prom king or queen shooting up a school. It seems like all the people that do these school shootings are people who are bullied for long periods of time, right, people who were outcast by their peers, by their classmates, and that's not an excuse.

Like that's not an excuse to beat up anybody, that's not an excuse to shoot anybody, that's not an excuse to do any of that stuff, right, because just like it's not an excuse for the cool kid to beat up the loser, it's not an excuse for the loser to shoot the cool kid. Right like. We got to deal with that Shit. But I find this like to be kind of like interesting and intriguing and I can't wait to hear some of your guys as thoughts on this. But what about kindness? We're does kindness fit into all this? And how do we teach our kids to be kind to the weird kids, to be kind to the strange kids, to be kind to the awkward kids? And if our kid is the strange kid, is the weird kid, is the awkward kid, how do we teach our children to not trip about that shit and let a hater hate and son or daughter? I'm sorry that nobody wants to ask you to prom or ask you to homecoming, or I'm sorry that people don't talk to you at school and no one wants to sit with you at lunch, but you are loved and you are special and you are, you know, whatever the attributes that your kid has. And maybe, as a parent, you need to get off your ass and maybe go find a different school where your kid can fit in a little better. Right like, at what point do we take some of its ownership and we start saying hey, you know what my kid might be getting bullied, but what could I do about it? What can I as a parent do? What can I do to help my kid fit in better? Or if my kid doesn't want to fit in or I don't choose for my kid to fit in, then what can I do to empower my kid to stand out? What could I do to empower my middle schooler or my high schooler or my college student kid to stand out and be okay with it and be like Yo, if you going to wear purple hair to school, then you need to be prepared for the criticism that's going to come with wearing purple hair for to school, right, because this all you. I support you a hundred percent if you want to wear purple hair to school, but there's going to be some backlash to that. Not Everybody's going to think purple hell hair is appropriate. Not Everybody's going to think purple hair is cool, but I definitely want you to do you same thing. What if your kid is homosexual or trans like you need to let your kids know that, hey, this comes with some heat, this comes with some shit, and it doesn't take away from the Star athlete either. Right, if you want your kid to be the star of the football team. That comes with some heat because I guarantee you, you ask a high school quarterback who just blew a big game or a pitcher who just got shelled in the championship, ask him how they feel. Ask him how much heat they got, how they feel that they let all the teammates down and all and let the school down, let the community down, especially if you go to some of those, you know, football schools in the south or like big football programs. Man, they let the whole state down, they let the whole neighborhood down right. But if we support our kids and we're there to help our kids and we let our kids know that, hey, you know what, whether you're a high school quarterback or you're gay or your trans or you want to wear purple hair or you want to like, you know, be a MoD person or a punk rocker or a white rapper, I support you a hundred percent, but realize you might get some heat. If you want to be an awkward kid that sits alone in the cafeteria because you're very introverted and you don't want to make friends and you don't feel like making friends,...

...that's cool, but you might catch some heat. Just like if you're the class clown, not everybody loves the class clown. A lot of people the class colund a noise. So if you're going to be the class clown, you're gonna catch some heat. So when is kindness to answer? When is kindness to answer to if you're a jock or a nerd or a geek or a bandy or a mob odd or rocker or rapper or whatever little group kids are these days. You know, I don't know all the groups, but if you're in one of those groups, how is kindness going to help this right, because I think that's the key. Me Personally, I think that's the key. I think kindness, teaching kids kindness and the golden rule of treat others how you want to be treated. I think that's the key. But you know what the problem is? To all my listeners out there, this is the problem. We don't live by that example. We don't live by that example. You take religion, major religion doesn't live by that example. Muslims don't like Jews. Jews don't like this people, Christians don't like this people. You know, these people don't like those people. Those people don't like those people. Right, take races, this race don't like that race, this, that race don't like this race, countries, this country don't like you know. So all of it. This is what our kids are learning, right, our kids are learning if North Korea doesn't like South Korea, we're going to blow it up. Right. So if the jocks don't like the nerds, what's going to happen? We teach our kids this stuff. We teach them this is stuff that they're learning from us, not from anywhere else. So I think it's time as parents, we take a long look in the mirror and we say, how can we help our kids be kinder in school? How could we help empower teachers to monitor kindness in school? How can we and power our administrators to make sure that kindness is happening in school through all groups, through all demographics? Right, it's just not a race thing, it's just not religious thing. This is a human thing and I believe that if we had more kindness and more people getting along and more people just being nice to each other, even if it's a simple a what's up in the hallway, that can stop, in my opinion, a lot of this stuff from happening. Way More than any type of gun law. And then we got mental health. Right. Mental Health pays a big part in this as well, and we going to get to that right after this break. With my busy schedule, we're always looking for healthy snacks. Our go to snacks are our xbar kids. They're the same high quality taste wife and I enjoy, but in a size and flavors kids love, still made with real ingredients and a label. I can read enough about what's in our exbar kids. Let's talk about what's not in them. No sugars, gluten, soil or dairy. With Bell's crazy dance company schedule, I always make sure she has her favorite apple cinnamon raising our xbar kids and her dance bag. And for AVA, Barry blast is her go to snack for acting class, especially when she always brings that yummy chocolate chip to school. Find them at target or go to our xbarcom. Forward Slash Swag and get your twenty five percent off that first order. Once again, that's our XBARCOM.

Forward Swag and get twenty five percent off your first order. Now back to dad's with swag with your host, Shaunap Onso. Welcome back to dad's with swag. Check us out on itunes and please subscribe, rate and review the show. We need all the love we can get. You can find all our past episodes on Dad's with swagcom. Follow us on social media at your coach, Shawn, and if you have any questions or show ideas or you want to come on the show, email me at Sewan, at Sewan alfonsocom. So mental health, like, how much does mental health play a role in all this? You know, it seems that it plays a pretty big role. Like it seems that most of the people are doing this aren't like gun fanatics or an a our cardholder members. You know, it seems that a lot of these people there's something going on upstairs. There's something with the Dome that just isn't quite there. So how do we prevent this stuff from a mental health aspect? You know, one I can tell you is by probably getting more mental health people in the schools right like at elementary school and Elementary School. I know for a fact that I had this show on. You guys can check it out at Dad's with swagcom. I add an episode where I had a school counselor and school nurse on the show, Miss Victoria and nurse Brandy. They came on the show and talked about the importance of a full time school nurse in a full time school counselor and elementary school and how important it is and how it sets that foundation that it's okay to ask for help, whether it's physically or emotionally, right, because that's important. It's important to know that, man, if something's not going right upstairs or if I'm having these thoughts that aren't cope setic, it's okay to go talk to somebody about it. Right. And how do we weave that in to an already full schedule that a teacher has? Right, teachers already got a lot of responsibility. Miss be even kids in class, cell phones in class, you know, disruptive kids, disrespectful kids, like schools are crazy out there. Teachers already got a lot of Shit to put up with and now we got to say hey, in case you see a kid out there that maybe be getting picked on or you think might have some emotional issues, you know, can you bring that to our attention? But what about the kid who doesn't do any homework? What about the kid that bullies everybody? What about the kid that is talking in class or is true, and all the time? Right, like, are those red flags as well? I don't know who determines these red flags. Is that the quiet kid that might shoot the school up? Is it the tardy kid? Is it the annoying kid? Is that the kid that gets beat up all the time? Or is that the kid that does the beating up? I have no idea. There are a lot of people that are way smarter than me and way more edgemicated than I am that can make these kind of decisions, but I think it needs to be looked at right. I think it needs to be looked at before we just go out there and say guns in schools or no guns in the US at all, like these things need to be looked at because, let's say, what if we take every gun out of the United States and only people in the US that have guns are police officers and military people and that's it. Nobody else has a gun? Well, a person's going... do what a person is going to do right and if a person wants to hurt a bunch of people, they're going to find a way. What's what's going to stop them from renting a UHAUL truck and driving it through the front of a school. What's it going to stop them from hot wiring a school bus and driving that to a school? What's going to stop them from planting a bomb on school property or doing it at a mall or a movie theater or a Bowling Alley? Right, what's going to stop them from doing in other places? It bus stops, like there are other places that if people want to do this bad stuff, they're going to find a way. Right. I tell my clients this all the time. If you want to succeed at life in something, you can find a way. I will help you find a way to accomplish your goals, because it's not a matter of if you can, it's a matter of how bad do you want it. And if somebody with their main goal in life is to hurt people, they're going to figure out a way to hurt people. Just like an unemployed Hobo is going to figure out how to get booze, just like an unemployed no job, having no money, having drug addict is going to figure out how to get drugs. Right, they're going to figure out a way to get high by any means necessary. And if somebody wants to put harm on people they're going to figure out a way to do it, guns or no guns. So how do we stop that? How do we help them? And that's that's my biggest question, is how do we help these young people that are hurting? And I know like there's you know, everybody's on the side of the victims and I empathize with the victims and the families that have victims and I don't know what I would do, God help me, if that were to ever happen to my kids. I'd be I'd lose my mind. I would honestly lose my mind. I would probably not be of any value to my wife or my remaining living children. I would probably be helpless and hopeless. God is my witness. Right. So I feel for those people and I have empathy for those people in those families. But what about the kids that do this stuff? Like? They need help to at some point somebody had to have seen something, somebody had to have known something, somebody had to have thought something, somebody had to have said, man, that kid was a little off. Man. Everybody was mean to that kid. There has to be a teacher out there and that says, man, he did write that paper. That was really really weird. Alarms should have gone off. Why didn't anybody do anything? Why did anybody help them? And do we even have the structure in place to properly help these people? Can we help them? If a teacher see something as odd or if a student see something to it's odd, can we help them? I heard things about this dude that shot up, you know, the Florida place, that another dude from a different state called the FBI and was like, Yo, this dude just wrote some Wax Shit on my facebook and with the FBI, do theyn't do shit? Nothing, are you kidney? Right now we're worried about who the president of the United States is fucking or has fucked in the past. No, we need to be worried about these kids. We need to be worried about these people to need help, and when they crying out for helping, a reaching out for help, they're better be a Goddamn net there to catch them and they're better be some help. That's what we need to be worrying about. We got to stop with all this Dang political right, left, Republican Democrats Shit because, you know what, everybody bleeds. Everybody bleeds, and it don't matter. It don't matter if you're a republican or a Democrat. If somebody comes up into your school and start shooting, your kids are going to bleed and that ain't cool. So it's time we make...

...changes. But what are the changes that need to be made and how can the community help? How is we, as community members, how can we help this? Like, do we got to go stand in front of every school and give every damn kid a hug, because that might be all they need. All they need is a hug. You know, I saw an interesting thing for my youth pastor from my youth pastor very interesting thing when we started taking God out of the Church's guns, I mean when we started taking God out of the school's guns started to replace it right now. I'm not saying that if everybody went to Bible study and went to Church and was religious that this would stop. No, probably not. But the one thing about my God and your God and his God and her God is that they're loving people and at the end of the day, most religions out there the golden rule. Treat others how you want to be treated right and that's the golden rule. And nowadays a lot of hypocrite Christians and hypocrites and hypocrite that, and Terroris this, and people do that and people do that right, all in a name of religion. But if you really think about it, the bottom line is be nice to people and if we can teach our young people that there is a higher power out there, there's something bigger and greater than themselves, even though, as a teenager they believe they're the center of the world, and you teach them that there's something bigger and better out there and to be nice and kind to people, that might be the answer. And if they see somebody that they think is not having a good day. We're having a bad rough go at it at home. Maybe be that person that's like Yo, I might be able to help. But we're all scared right, we're all scared, especially as teenagers. You know how terrifying I would be for a high school kid or a middle school kid to walk up to a person that they think is having a bad day or maybe something troubling at home, or maybe they just got their heartbroken ask somebody to the prom and they said no, for somebody else to go up to that person to be like Yo, I'm here for you if you need to talk. That's like next to impossible. Probably Right. I'm living in a Fantasyland, but in my fantasyland there are no school shootings, so it's okay. I'm going to live in my fantasyland because I know I would do it. I know if I was walking down the street and I saw somebody that was looking a little off about Heo, you need to talk, man, I'm here. You want to go pray? Do you need help with something? And I hope that you know my kids when they're at school, if they see somebody having a bad day, they offer a hug, they offer a friendly ear right and and Beatos people. That's all you could ask for. Beatos people that want to help and to you know, law enforcement or the people in higher power and the principles and the educators. Shame on you. If you saw something or you were told something and you didn't follow up on it, shame on you. We got to start doing that stuff right, whoever these FBI people or whatever like. There's ex and then there's excuses, right, there's so many excuses. Oh, they sent the tip to the wrong line. I don't care if somebody calls up a tip line it better be followed through it, because you all spend three hundred dollars on a toilet seat but you can't follow up on a tip and then lives are lost. Come on. So, as a community, we need to talk to our politicians about this stuff. We need to rise up and use our voice. And it's not just this quick flash in the Pan Change Gun laws, right, because that's the quick reaction. No guns, no shootings. Right. I don't think...

...that's true. I think it just brings something else to the table, right, it just brings something else. They're going to find a way to do the dirt right. So we got to figure out a way to get to them and help them before they do the dirt, before they do it. Let's help them. We will take a quick break and we're going to get back here for a wrap up. Check out our episode on family bonding on a budget. A great way to bond is cooking together. At our house we love hello fresh. It comes straight to the door every week with easy to read and step by step directions. All the ingredients are premeasured. That makes it fun and fast, a great meal. The whole family loves go to Hello FRESHCOM and use Promo Code Swag thirty to save thirty percent off your first order. That's swag thirty to get your thirty percent off. Now that to dad's with Swag with your host Shaun up on some welcome back to dad's with swag. Check us out on itunes and please subscribe, rate and review the show. We need all the love we can get. You can find all our past episodes on Dad's with swagcom. Follow us on social media at your coach, Shawn, and if you have any questions or show ideas or you want to come on the show, email me at Sean at Sean Alfonsocom we did this short little episode, no music. Want to see what you guys thought of it. Give me your opinion. And guns. What should we do, you know? Do we put more guns in a school, less guns in the country? Do we change laws? Do we do more mental health? Do we focus on kindness? Do we focused on community efforts? What do we do? I don't know. I do know that I want a better, safer place for my kids and I want an even more safe place for my grandkids to come and I have a feeling that all parents out there want the same thing for their kids. And I don't know if it's stricter gun laws or no guns or more guns, or kindness or love or empathy or mental health or community involvement, but I do know, oh, it might be a little bit of all that. And in order to get that, we got to stand up and we got to speak out, we got to do it. So, for all my swaggy parents out there, think about this, hit me up on social media, email me. Let's have an open door discussion, in an open dialog, and then let's vote some people out, vote some people in and make some change we out. Thanks for listening to DAD's sweat. Check out new episodes every Thursday or go to dad's for swagcom download past episodes.

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