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How to keep that New year resolution


How to keep that New year resolution sean gives you tips on making this year the year you keep it.

You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge. You're listening to dad's with Swag, where your coach Shawn has the tools to help you navigate some of life's ups and downs. Let's do it. Whether you're trying to balance work in life, going through a difficult time in marriage or trying to manifest that perfect mate, Shawn can get you from where you are to where you want to be. Loving husband and dadded two amazing girls. Your coach Shaun can help you Trin your dreams into goals and make them a reality. No more faking change is kind of start making change with the swaggy'st out of them all, your coach Seawan. What is up? Yeah, welcome back to another Great Week of Dad's with Swag. We're coming at you live from our new swaggy studio, the dad's with Swag Studio. If you want to check out our past episodes, go to dad's with swagcom. Make sure you never miss an episode. You can find us on Itunes, Podbay and I heart radio. Make sure you hit that subscribe button and show us some love and before you know what, the swag will flow in. If you want to recommend the topic or if you'd like to be on the show, hit me up at Sean at Sean alfonsocom and don't forget to follow us on social media at your coach Sawn. We have a tremendous week this week. This week we're talking all things New Year's resolutions and how to keep them right, because it's been a minute since you've set that New Year's resolution and either you've already failed it keeping it, or the grind to starting to get real right and you're like, man, it's been like almost a month and I feel like I'm about to slip. So we're talking all things how to keep that New Year's resolution going right. It's going to be a great show. So the first thing I want to say is keep your goal, your resolution. Keep it simple, right. If you are three hundred pounds, don't make your New Year's resolution like I want to lose a hundred pounds, because in reality, do you think you're going to lose a hundred pounds? No, probably not. That that that's such a grand idea that it's going to overwhelm you. Right, it's going to be an overwhelming task. So keep it simple, right. Keep it simple, like, okay, maybe I want to lose twenty pounds, right, or I want to lose thirty pounds or, you know, something that's like attainable. You know, maybe it's I you not even focused on the amount. You're just like, I want to start moving my body, I want to start doing exercise, I want to start getting my heart rate up, I want to, you know, eat healthier. You know, there's some people out there their new year's resolution is like to find the perfect mate. They want to get married, they want to be in a relationship. There's some people out there that want to start new career paths or maybe start a family, you know, different things like that. So, you know, maybe quit smoking or, you know, get out. If you're on drugs, you want to get off drugs. And like, whatever your New Year's resolution is, you know it's between you and God, but you want to keep your goals simple, right, keep it something that you can obtain, that you can actually conquer, right, keep it easy. You know, I've I've never broken a new year's resolution because every year I make the same resolution. This year I'm not going to smoke crack. And you know what, I've never smoked crack. Makes it pretty easy to keep right, because it's a nice simple resolution. Now I'm just messing with you, but you definitely keep your goal simple and be realistic, right. You got to be realistic in your goal setting. You know, you can't go out there and set these expectations where you can possibly fail. You know, if you were pack a day smoker, right, maybe not set your New Year's resolution to quit smoking all together, but maybe cut back to a half a pack of day. You know, maybe your New Year's resolution is, Hey, you know what, I'm going to cut back on smoking these squares. I'm going to cut back from a pack of day to a half a pack of day. You know, maybe, you know, maybe three quarters of a pack of day. You know, maybe I'm going to just cut back a couple smokes a day. You know, whatever it may be, figure out what that small goal is and make sure it's obtainable to you. Keep it simple and keep it realistic. You know, if you haven't been in a relationship for a few years and and you're wanting... get back into the game and maybe find that new that new mate, you know, keep your expectations realistic. Don't think that the next person you meet is going to be your husband or your wife Right. Keep your expectations realistic. Understand that you're probably going to have to go on a couple dates before you meet the one right. You're not just going to wake up on January third and, next thing you know, be wified up by January sixth. Be Realistic. Another thing that's so important that people forget all the time is to set small goals to be able to obtain that larger goal right. So it's not like you can just quit smoking at a drop of a hat. You have to figure out what you need to do to obtain that goal. So, say your New Year's resolution is, you know what, I am going to cut back to a half a pack of cigarettes. Right. So set an end date. Okay, by when? By next December, I want to be smoking a half a pack of cigarettes instead of a pack of cigarettes a day, or by July I want to start having only smoking a half a pack of cigarettes. So once you got that completion date right, once you got that completion date and you got your time frame set up, then you can start setting the small goals right, you can start setting the achievables, the things that you know you can do. All right, so you can start off by saying, all right, I'm going to start off for the first week, I'm going to keep one cigarette in my pack. Right, when I go to bed at night, there's going to always be one smoke left and I'm going to throw it away. Boom done. Right. So then the next day, when you open up that fresh pack the end of that day, you make sure you got one smoking there. You throwing it away, right, and then you're like, all right, now, I'm going to do that for two weeks, right, and then after two weeks, then I'm going to go to keeping two smokes in the pack. Right, I'm going to leave two smokes in there. And you set up these small goals, right, because how attainable is it for you to cut back on one cigarette a day? It's pretty attainable. And it's like, you know, if you want to lose weight or you want to start working out, it's like you can't go to the gym like me. I just I just started working out again, you know, I haven't worked out and probably like five or six years. Right. And Wife, he told me, you know, my physiques getting out of hand a little, right. So she was dropping some hints about about the Physique. So I'm like, man, I bet I better get back in the gym and I really enjoy boxing and boxing's a great work out, right. So I decided to hook up with this this boxing gym out here and Phoenix called the pound. My homeboy, Larry Man. I might have Larry on the show one day. His story, his testimony, is unbelievable. He's a Dada, two kids as well, and homeboy got Swatt agg coming out his ears. So I'm gonna have him one day. It'll be it'll be a great story. But anyways, I joined the pound right get my boxing on good cardio. But when I joined I wasn't like, all right, I'm going to go to the gym six days a week, seven days a week. I'm going to like only eat these kind of foods. I'm gonna, you know, take prework out and post work out and meal plans and supplements and this and that and this and that. Naw, man, I started off saying, are you know what? I'm going to commit to going at least twice a week. Right, I'm going to go at least twice a week for the first two weeks and then I'm going to kick it up to three days a week, right, and then I'm going to step it up from there, so it actually and out and all actuality. I started off with the goal with going twice a week. My first week I ended up going three times a week. My second week, because the girls had a day off school, I ended up going twice that week and then I went three days a week again, and now I'm actually because I had met another trainer there, I'm actually going. This week I went four times a week. So I've gradually increased my thing, right. So maybe maybe in a month or two months I will be at that five days a week of cardiovascular exercise, right, some type of cardiovascular exercise, something that's going to get the blood flowing and the juice is moving, right. So I might only be doing this boxing thing three or four days a week, but I might supplement with maybe cycling or walking or something of that nature. So it's important that you know if you want to get this exercise thing going, you don't just say, Oh man, I'm going to start working out seven days a week and I'm going to do this and I'm going to go start off slow, start off with just going to the gym. Say Tell Yourself. Hey, you know what, I'm going to go to the gym two times this week and I'm going to sit on the bike or the treadmill or whatever you like to..., and I'm going to ride it for thirty minutes. Right. Or maybe you're like, I'm paying for no gym membership and it's crowded and it's a meat market and it's this, that and the other. Okay, then maybe you're just going to go outside and walk around for thirty minutes. Just walk, maybe for an hour, just walk, you know. Then you're like, seam and I'm busy. I ain't got time to be walking for an hour every day, right, I ain't got time to be doing that. Then start off smaller, start off twenty minutes. You know, if you really want to improve your you know, mental, physical and emotional system, you got to make some sacrifices. Right, maybe you cut down on a little bit of TV time or you cut down on that morning coffee time, you know, and you make some sacrifices to implement some of these things that you know are going to make you a better person. But don't start to grand because when you start to grand it's easy to just throw it all away. Take baby steps, take these baby steps and and gradually grow the ball. Right. It's kind of like the snowball effect. A snowball doesn't start off as a huge ball. No, it starts off as a little tiny pebble and then it rolls and it rolls and it gets bigger and bigger and bigger right until it's massive. Think of your New Year's resolution the same way. Start off small. Start off with just waking up ten minutes early every day and walking around the block. Right. Start off with when you get home from work, walking for thirty minutes and then just take away that thirty minute TV time at night because you don't need that. Or maybe you're like, Hey, you know what, I'm just going to go for a walk on my lunch break instead of eating lunch at my desk every day. I'm just going to get up and I'm going to walk while I eat my sandwich, I'm going to walk while I eat my soup. You know, get out, get out and about, and then after you've done that for a couple weeks, then maybe you go to the gym, then maybe you hit up to treadmill, then maybe you go start playing some pickup basketball or whatever it outs it, whatever else out there interests you. But you got to start small. You can't start, you know, grandios, because what will happen is you're going to get so overwhelmed, like most people do, you're just going to say, forget it, man, I'm done with it. I'm done with it, you know, because I didn't. I didn't hit my goal. You know, it's not working out for me. You know, I'm that's it. I'm just done. I'm done with with my new year's resolution. It's not working out and you know, forget it, forget it. I'm I'm over this New Year's resolution business. But the most important thing is that this is your New Year's resolution. This isn't anybody else's new year's resolution, right, it's your revolution New Year's resolution. This is your life, it's your goals, it's your choices, right, and this first break song we about to take right here, it's my boy Ti and he's going to break it down for you and he's going to let you know that it's your life. You got to live your life. These are your resolutions, these are your choices, these are your decisions, right, and now that's what I'm talking about. As long as you were moving and as long as you were grooving and as long as you live in your life, you can't ask for nothing else more. T everybody right here. What you need to be thankful for the life you got. Stop looking at what you ain't got. Start being thankful what you do. Say ignored to the faith. Wait, amazing. Day are free, but after all the game I gave away. Safe to say I paid to weight, but you can't get paid to day. Still be wasted days away. Now, head, I never saved the day. The proto shade. How much I think they should... Instead of being gracious, they buy later and the major way had enough. A Fella face. Still, I love them in a crazy way. Some say they sold. Ye Ain't you know they couldn't you work from late for day? Ain't there black and white hands, an airing in the shade? Bright side. Anyway, even if I love the day and say the way, don't move away to make him way. Not move away to day. Friend, I'm going back to the food and all you other people take away. I pray for patience, but they make me want to melting face away like I want made him spray. Now can make him the case of women dug in all my life. You say I don't deserve the tape of break your brother. See Catch your case and watch my future. Opposite of mad immaculately Polish, with the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college keep, allergic to the counterfeit and partial to the politics, articulate was still a grabber, Nigga bout a collar, quick who over having problems? Would they reconsids? Just hollowtel that don't work in all those fairs and turn around and follow too. I got a little for the game, but a I'm not a low all of you could do without the thing. The rappers now with days of comic the WHO, and then the hollowing back and forth, with the arguing where you from? Know what you make and what kind of car you see, though you don't cite of what's important. When deposited the chicks until Your Bank accounting you up out of party values is a disarray, prioritizing, horribly unhappy with the riches Cuz your piss Po moral, ignoring all prior advising for warning, and we might it full of ourselves all on a sudden shoes. The Way I'm living here people baby climb. Check out our episode on family bonding on a budget. A great way to bond is cooking together. At our house we love hello fresh. It comes straight to the door every week with easy to read and step by step directions. All the ingredients are pre measured. That makes it fun and fast, a great meal the whole family loves. Go to hello freshcom and use Promo Code Swag thirty to save thirty percent off your first order. That's swag thirty to get your thirty percent off. Now Back to dad's for Swag with your host, Shaun up on. So what is welcome back to dad's with swag. We coming at you from the swaggiest studios of all. The Dad's would swag studio. Today we're talking all things New Year's resolutions and how to keep them. If you want to check out some of our past episodes, go to dad's with swagcom. All of our past episodes are there. If you want... make sure that you continue to get our future episodes, go to Itunes, go to IHEART radio or hit up pod bay. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and show us some love. Feel free to leave some comments, give us some stars. You know how you do it and if you want to recommend a topic or a guest or if you want to be on the show, hit me up at Sean, at Sean alfonsocom. You could also follow me on all social media at your coach, Sean. I'd love interacting what my listeners man is so fun. It's like the cool thing about the show. You know what I'm saying, but check it out. We're talking all things New Year's resolutions and how to keep them. So let's get back to this. Another important thing when you're trying to keep that new year's resolution is to invest in it right, invest in that New Year's resolution. The fact of the matter is is us as Americans, we love money. We put money up above everything else that matters in our life. And I know a lot of people out there going to call bullshit, but if you sit there and you really think about it and you really think about the priorities in your life, I guarantee you money is at the top, probably followed closely by sex and power. Right, money is at the top. What you put your money on is what you put in your heart. It's the truth. You can figure out the type of person you are not the type of person you want to be or the type of person that you say you are. You can figure out the type of person you are by what you spend your money on. Right, if you if you were to take a look at my bank statement and you were to take a look at what I spend my money on, the first thing you would find out is that this dude drives a lot because he spends a lot of money on Gash. Right, but I got two kids. They got to go all over the valley to different events and different things and practices and rehearsals and school pick up in school drop off. Right, it's a lot of driving. The next thing you would probably see is that he goes to the grocery store a lot. What between me, wife and the kids, we eat a lot. Right, we eat a lot. Then you would probably see that he likes to spend a lot of money on shoes. Right, he probably you'd see a lot of things for Nike. Right, you'd probably see a lot of things up for Amazon. Right, I get I got to get a lot of stuff on Amazon. You know why? Because a lot of times the girls are like Daddy, I need this. For instance, my oldest daughter needs some eyelashes for a dance competition coming up. I searched around the area, I couldn't find them out to go to Amazon. Boom got them. You know, my daughter needed a new fan remote. Amazon boom got it right. So you'd see that there's a lot of stuff for Amazon and all that stuff is family stuff, kids stuff, right. So you can probably determine by my spending habits that I like my family. I spend a lot of time with my family and I spend most of my money on my family. The other thing you would notice is man, this dude gives a lot of money to his church, right, because I love God my money, where my money goes is where my heart goes. Where your money goes is where your heart goes. So if you want to change your heart, if you want to start this new year's resolution and you want this New Year's resolution to stick, you need to throw down some money. You need to have some skin in the game. You need to have something that's going to make you commit to this New Year's resolution. Now, that doesn't mean go spend a whole bunch of money and going to debt and throw it all on the credit card. Right. It could easily be. If you want to get physically fit and you want to start walking around your neighborhood, go buy a new pair of walking shoes, right. Go buy a new pair of shorts, some workout shorts, you know. For me, I invest I had some like old boxing hand wraps and old boxing stuff, and I'm like, man, you know what, I'm gonna get me a new pair of gloves. I'm gonna get me a new pair of boxing gloves because that's going to let my mind know and my heart know that this is important to me. Now, they weren't some expensive, fancy ass boxing gloves, so some basic boxing gloves, but it let my mind and my body and my heart know, hey, this is important to this dude, because he just put down money on it, and Sean Only spends money on things that are important to him. Right, because that's what we do. We spend money on things that we care about, even if it's you know, there's that old saying that you know, you buy too much crap to, you know, and press people that you don't even like, and that's that's the truth, right. So, if you're buying all kinds of stuff to impress all kinds of people,...

...then that's what's in your heart. Is for, you know, self acceptance and for people to accept you and for people to like you. Right, you might not like all that kind of stuff, so that doesn't mean like ancient artwork is really where your hearts at. You know, your heart could be in just trying to impress people. You know, we have these big CARSH car auctions out here and the Phoenix area and a lot of people, they might not even be interested in cars, but they're going to drop a lot of money on these cars because they want other people to like them. They want to be appreciated, they want to be respected. Right. So remember what you spend your money on is where your hearts at. And if you want your heart to be in the game on this New Year's resolution to quit smoking or to lose weight or to have a better diet or to meet that perfect mate, you need to throw some skin in the game. You need to have some Cheddar on this. You need to throw down some cash, because where our money's at is where our hearts at, and that's no joke, right, that's no joke. You have to invest in the goal, you have to invest in yourself, because if you're not willing to do that, then are you really willing to obtain this goal? And maybe the investment is go to a therapist and figure out psychologically how you can quit smoking. You know, maybe go to a hypnotist, maybe get some of those nickeret packet patches, maybe read a book on Stop Smoke. You know, maybe you go out and buy some new clothes, a new outfit that you're like, all right, when I'm done smoking, this is going to be my new smoke free outfit, right, because it's not going to stink like smoky smoke. You know, it's going to smell nice and fresh and clean. So this is going to be my my new I'm smoke free outfit. You know what, at whatever, whatever you want to do to get skin in the game, you got to get some skin in the game. You have to do it. It's one of the most important things. Now, another thing you got to do is build a tribe. If you want to survive, you got to build a tribe. If you want that goal to to be attainable and you want to reach that goal, you need accountability. You need a tribe of people that will support you when you need support and hold you accountable when you need to be held accountable. Now the tribe could come and many fashions. Right, you can join an AA group. If you want to stop drinking, you can join an NA group. You know, maybe your New Year's resolution is to like, you know, have a better marriage. So maybe you guys get into some couples therapy, right, or you you join a couple's Bible study. You know, maybe your New Year's resolution is to go to church more and get closer with God. You know, so maybe you join a small group, you know, of people around your age and the same like mind business as you. You know, maybe your goal is to, you know, get that perfect mate. You want to get back there dating. You know, you want to purposely pray for that, that that mate that you've always wanted. You know, you want to manifest that perfect mate. So you reach out to someone like me that can help you out and hold you accountable. You know, maybe you want to start that business or you want to get that job promotion, so you hire someone like me to help you do that. You know, maybe it you know, maybe you want to have a baby, so you go and hire, you know, people who are specializing in fertility. You know, because maybe it hasn't worked out for years, or you join a group of other moms or other dads that are also thinking about having kids. You know, you need this tribe. If you want to stop smoking, then you need a group of people who, a have already stopped smoking, who be are also trying to stop smoking. You do not want in your tribe homeboy that's trying to get you back on smoking. You don't want that dude in your tribe who is not trying, or has not tried, to stop smoking, right, because all he's going to do is bring you back down a rabbit hole. Right. If you want to start walking and start getting some physical fitness, go get a trainer, call up some homeboys, be like hey, every Tuesday night we're going to go play some pickup basketball, right, because you don't want to leave these dudes hanging, and I'm calling you up on Tuesday night being like Yo, man, where you at? You know we're at the park ready to play some hoop and you're not here. Where are you at? You need people to hold you accountable. You need to build this tribe, this tribe of people that care about you. Now, they could be strangers and they might not care about you personally,...

...but they care about your struggle because they've either been there and done that or they take joy and pride out of helping other people succeed in reach their goals. So you got to build a tribe. You got to build a tribe of supporters, you got to build a tribe of people that got your bag and you got to build a tribe of people that want to see you succeed. Now, these could be family members, they could be, you know, friends, they can be complete strangers. You can go to meet upcom and you could join a tribeordy in existence. There are thousands and thousands of them for everything. You know, if you want to learn how to do bookkeeping, there's people who meet up and talk about book keeping. There's people that meet up in hike, there's people that meet up in Brew Beer, there's people that meet up and talk about Bitcoin. Right you can find a meet up on anything out there and as a tribe that's already prebuilt for you with people who have the same goals, in the same aspirations as you do. You know, maybe you want to start volunteering. I know, like when I first got divorced on the holidays, I didn't have my kids, I would just volunteer, right. So I went to meet up, man, I joined like three different volunteer groups because I would help me get over the sadness of not having my kids on those week weekends. Are Those days, those holidays, right, those big special moments. So I joined meetups. I join these volunteer group MEETUPS and I made sure that every minute of my day was filled with, you know, things to do to give back, because you don't have to do this stuff on your own. There groups out there, there are people out there, there's organizations out there, there's professionals, there's amateurs, there's people out there that want to help you succeed and reach your goals. 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We're talking all things New Year's resolutions and how to keep them right, how to keep these New Year's resolutions. Another important thing to keeping those New Year's resolutions is not stopping. Right, even if you're going to take the smallest little steps, the babiest of baby steps, you can't stop. You just got to keep going. And sometimes the direction that you're going is backward. It's doesn't always have to be forward. You know, I should have dropped in a great song man now, old jam by Paula Abduel, you know, two steps forward, one step back, you know, or one step forward, two steps back. It doesn't matter, as long as you're moving. You know, you might start off with the simple goal of okay, I'm gonna, you know, walk a quarter of a mile a day for the first week and then a half a mile a day for the second and third week, and then after that I'm going to get up to three quarters...

...of a mile. But say on week three, something happens and you kind of fall back to a quarter mile. You know, maybe you hurt your ankle or something happens, right, you get sick. Because what happens is when you're trying to better yourself, that's when the devil man he rears his ugly ass head and he's like Nah, he can't get better, she can't get better, she can't come up. Ain't going to happen. I'm not going to allow this person to get physically fit right, but you got to say Nah, fuck you, devil, I'm doing this, I'm getting mine and you might have hurt my ankle, you might make my muscles sore, you might give me the shakes, but I'm going to keep on keeping on and I'm going to keep on moving. And sometimes that direction is backwards. You know, sometimes you got to go even if you've stopped smoking three cigarettes, you know you got to go back down to one and then build yourself up. But you can't stop, you can't quit, you can't stop, won't stop and no matter what, you got to keep on moving, keep on keeping on and keep following your dream of getting this resolution right, because now's the time, now's the time to finally say I'm not going to be one of those people that flake out on my new year's resolution before Valentine's Day. This is a goal and I'm serious about it because this is important to me. And maybe your New Year's resolution is to read so many books in a year and you've kind of slipped up and your goal was to read a chapter a day, but then life happened and you, you know, you got tired and the kids were busy and you you're beat and there's no way you're going to be able to read a chapter before you go to bed. We'll read one page, read two pages. You know, just don't stop moving, keep on going and maybe you have to read two or three pages a night for the next week, but then maybe you get a vacation. You're like boom, you bust through five chapters and next thing you know, you right back where you needed to be because you didn't give up, you didn't stop. You didn't stop, and that's the most important thing when you're making these New Year's resolutions right and when you're making these these goals that you want to attain in life, is not stopping, is taking that first step, is making sure that you put yourself in a position to succeed, to win, and that's why I said, like at the beginning, you don't want to have these big old goals that you're never going to be able to hit. Now, maybe, if your goal is to lose a hundred pounds, maybe in two years, yeah, you can lose a hundred pounds. So maybe you say this New Year's resolution is to get down to two hundred and seventy five. I'm going to lose twenty five pounds. I'm going to lose twenty five pounds by July, right by July. Want to lose twenty five pounds and I'm going to do it by losing, you know, x amount of pounds a month till July, and then that's going to break down to x amount of pounds per week. And in order to do that I need to have x amount of hours of cardiovascular work out a day or a week. And you break it up what an after July comes and you're like man, I've I already lost thirty pounds, I'm ahead of the game, then you can say hey, you know what, I think? I'm going to try to lose another twenty five and then say you lose that other twenty five and now it's New Year's two thousand and nineteen knocking at the door, then maybe you'd be like shoot, I'm going to try to lose another fifty pounds, you know, and then so at the next thing you know, because time flies. We all know that. You all know that Christmas is going to be here before you know it, right Valentine's days about to be in our rearview mirror. It flies by so fast. The kids are about to be out of school for summer break right before we know it, and then again, at a blink of an eye, before we know it, summer breaks over right. So time flies by, man, it goes quick. So if it takes you two years to lose a hundred pounds, enjoy the process, because it's better to take two years to lose a hundred pounds then to try to do it in six months and giving up because it can't be done. I could never do it, I could never accomplish that right, because it can be done. It definitely can be done and you can...

...definitely do it. Whatever the goal may be, it could be done and it could be done by you. I know this. You just got to follow some of these steps, some of these rules, which can be hard because we tend to just be so grandiose. Right, we want it and we want it now. We don't want to wait. Shoot, look at McDonald's as when McDonald's is famous for right, why wait fifteen minutes to get a well cooked burger and some delicious fries when I can get it to you in thirty five seconds? Right, I can get it to you in a minute. Shoot, you ain't even got to get out your car. Just drive on through, baby, just drive on through, instead of sitting down and eating the meal for thirty minutes out of your day. You can just drive on through, you get that Burger and fries and thirty five seconds you back on the road again. Right, come on, now, we want what we want, we want it now. You know what's funny? The magazine industry used to sell so many magazines at the checkout counters, right, because people would would be in the checkout line at the grocery store and they would see something of catch their eye and instead of saying hey, I'm going to go home and I'll read it on the computer or I'll watch, you know, something on tv about it, they just grab it and read it right then and there, right then. I Oh, I got to have this, I have to have this bubble gum right now, right. I need this instant gratification. But now the magazine companies, in the bubble gum companies are finding out now that people got these smartphones, their iphones and a droid phones and their google phones, that people are in line texting, checking the Graham looking at facebook right they're not paying attention to those magazines, they're not paying attentions to that bubble gum because we're instant gratification. We want it and we want it now. If I want to lose weight, I want to lose weight now. If I want to stop smoking, I want to stop smoking now. If I want to get all swoll up, I want to get swoll up now. We don't want to wait for the process right. But the cool thing about it is in the process is where you grow. In the process is where all the enjoyments at. In the process is where all the gratitude is. That you have to go through the process to really enjoy the success, to enjoy the outcome, to enjoy whatever it is that you conquered right because you could easily go out and not exercise and get LIPO. Right, get some Cavin plans, get some abin plants, but I guarantee you in a few years you're going to be right back to where you were because there was no process, there was no conquering. If you bust your ass for two years to get a Sixpack, I highly doubt you're going to let that sixpack go real quick right. It's going to take another fifteen years before that six packs covered up. But if you go out and you just buy your six pag be like Yo doc man, hook me up, suck out all his fat and throw some silicone six packs in there, right, the chances of you throwing more fat on top of that silicone sixpack in the next year are pretty good. And now you got to go back to that same doctor and you got to get them to suck it all out again. It's not worth it. What's worth it and where the growth comes and where the change comes is by putting yourself out there, by doing the work, by not giving up. And we about to take another break, and I'm talking about not giving up, and this is a perfect segue, a perfect segue to my man, M and M he ain't giving up, he ain't stopping, he ain't giving up. He's doing what's got to be done. He's doing what he's got to do to obtain that goal. He's doing what he's got to do to get to where he wants to be. He's doing what he's got to do. You to be the man today that he wasn't yesterday. Whether it's steps forward or steps backwards, you never stop. Look if you had one shot, one opportunity, he sees everything you ever wanted. One moment you capture, just let me sleep. His palms...

...are sweaty, knees, weak harms and a heav his vomit on his sweater already. Mom Spaghetti. He's nervous, but on the surface he looks combing, ready to drop palms. But he keeps on forgetting what he wrote down. The whole crowd go so loud. He opens his mouth with the words won't come out. He's choking. How everybody's choking. Now the clocks were now time to reality. Oh, that goes gravity, op, the goes rabbity. Choke. He's so bad, but he won't give up. Daddy's he know he won't have any notes. It's all back cities ropes. It's Don matter. He's got. He knows that, but he's prop he's so sad that he knows and he goes back to his mobile home. That's when it's back to the lab in the old rap city. Better go capt to this moment it open. Don't the music. The moon shots your chance of blow, because I'm to the music the moment. You hold it, shot to not miss your chance to blow, because one escaping through this hole. It is taping. This world is mine for the taking. Make Me King. As we move toward the new world order, a normal life is by the super stardoms. Close to post morning, it only grows harder. Hold me, grows hotter. He blows. It's all over these homes is all on it coast. The Colt shows he's known as the globe dry. Only broods down, only knows. He's grown. Father from homies. No father. He goes home and Bailly knows its own daughter. Hold your nose, because he goes to cold water. These homes don't want them to much. He's cold water. They moved on. The next move blows. He knows. Don't even so daughter. So the soul parperas to little unfolds. I suppose is so, partner, but the beat goes on that at the music, the moment you hold it shot. Do not miss your chance to blow, because the music the moment, you won't miss your chance to blow a change that you call wage. Take this motherfucking net like two dogs cage. I was clean in the beginning to the mood or change I've been through up and spit out and MOODOF stage, but I kept priming to step brighten the next cipher. Let's believe somebody's paying a fine Piper on all the pain inside Ampli find by the fact that I can't get by with my nine five and I can't provide the right type of life for my family because man, he's got damn who stands go buy diapers? And it's no movie, it is no macd fifer. This is my life and these times to so hard and it's getting even on the trying to feed the water my seat. Plus see this all I wanna between being a father and a Prima gonna Baby Mama. Drama screaming on to do much for me to want to sailors, but one of the damn a night he's gotten me to the point. I'm like a snail. I've got to form me way to fly or hit up in jail. A shot. Success is my only motherfucking options. Failures Not Mama, love you, but this trailer's got to go. I cannot go all them Salem's like. So here I go as my shot could beat failing, because maybe the got the music, the movement to hold shot. Miss your chance to blow in the music the moment you won't shot. Miss your chance to blow. Are you a dad that has no idea where to get the perfect birthday gift that last minute birthday party? Your kid just told you about wife he's on a girl's trip and you need to find swaggy things to do with the kids. Make sure you go to the one stop shop made for Dad's by DAD'S A Z, dad'scom. Now that to dad's was swag with your host, Shaun up on some is. Welcome back to dad's with swag.

If you want to check out previous episodes, go to dad's with swagcom. If you want to make sure you in the no, no and getting all the episodes downloaded directly to your phone or your computer, hit up itunes. I Heart Radio, Podbay Dad's would swagcom hit that subscribe button. Don't forget to show us some love. Rate and review the show. If you want to recommend any topics, are you got some guess that you like to see on the show or you want to come on the show, hit me up at Sean on Shan Alfonsocom also, please follow us on social media. I love interacting with all y'all. It's keeping it real. We're talking all things New Year's resolutions and what you can do to keep your New Year's resolution so you're not in the same place like you are every other year, where you make these resolutions and you never keep them right. Most importantly, keep that goal simple, man. Keep it simple, simple things you can achieve. Simple things you can accomplish. Be Realistic when you're setting that simple goal. Right. Don't try to lose all the weight at once. Be Realistic, baby steps. Don't forget to set these goals and then set some smaller goals. Set some smaller goals there are going to help you achieve that big goal. Set some smaller goals that are going to help you get that big gorilla. You can't go out there and fish and on your first fish and trip catch a huge whale. Right, you got to start with some small trout first. So do the same thing when setting your goals. Break it up into small, little bites. It's a lot easier, you know, to eat an elephant one bite at a time, and it's the same thing. Set a time frame. When do you want to accomplish his goal? Right? When is the goal? To reach the goal? You got to have a time frame and you got to invest in your goal, throw some skin in the game. If your money's not behind the goal, then your heart and your head can't keep behind it, because where your money's at is where your hearts at. So you got to make sure that you invest in your goal. You got to make sure that you have yourself a tribe, a group of people that can help you accomplish your goal, a group of people that want to see you succeed, a group of people that have as much invested in your success as you do, people that care about you, people that want to see you succeed, not people that want to see you fail, not people that are going to put you down, not people that are going to criticize you, not people that are going to tell you how you can't do it. But people who can tell you how you can do it, no matter how crazy your goal is. You need a tribe of people that can tell you, yes, you can, you can accomplish that. I don't care how much you weigh, I don't care how long you've been smoking, I don't care how long you've been single, I don't care how long you've been broke. You can accomplish these goals. Build a tribe and you can't stop. You cannot stop. This year, this goal, this dream, is the one time that you're going to accomplish it and you're not going to stop. If you feel yourself stopping, hit me up, Shawn, at Shan Alfonsocom, hit me up on social media, at your coach, Sean, and I will help you. I will personally help you achieve your goal. I will be the person in your corner that tells you, yes, you can, if you can't find anybody else. Now, I don't need everybody hitting me up being like Yo, Shan, help me for free. I'm willing to do it, but you got to go out there first. My first question to you is, who else have you asked? Have you asked Co Workers? Have you asked friends? Have you asked family and if there's absolutely nobody in your life that will support you and help you get your dream, then hit me up. I'll be more than happy to help you out and hold you accountable. But you can't stop, even if that's taken baby steps backwards instead of baby steps forward. You got to keep on moving, keep on keeping on. We out. Thanks for listening to DAD's TWAG. Check out new episodes every Thursday or go to dad's respectcom download test episodes.

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