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Runway of Hope


Welcome to the Dads With Swag! The weekly podcast with your host, Sean Alfonso. Each week Sean brings you either an amazing guest or awesome topic to discuss. Ranging from life challenges, to spiritual well being Sean will always deliver an amazing episode each week. Follow Sean on Instagram Follow Sean on Twitter

You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge and now broadcasting live on star worldwide networks. Dad's with swag with motivational life coach Sean Alfonso, specializing in helping you to get to your full potential in all areas of your life, from improving your professional success to overcoming fears that are holding me back. Single Parent and dad of two amazing young girls, Sewan will teach you how to balance professional success while achieving meaningful relationships. It's dad's with swag and now here's your host, Sean Alfonso? Yeah, what is up? Welcome back to another episode of Dad's with Swag. Just let our listeners know, this is our one year anniversary. Whoop, whoop. been on the radio here at star worldwide network for a year now. Well, it's actually a year tomorrow. April seventh was our first show, but April seventh is a Friday this year, so it's April sixth. We're hitting our one year mark. Man, I can't believe this time has flown by. You listeners have been amazing coming in with your good questions. I've had so many special guests through this last year. Man, it's just been great. We supported a lot of different charities, some different kickstarter campaigns, all kinds of good stuff. So, speaking of charities, we got, you know, the fly honey from Pierce Family Foundation in the studio today. If you got any questions for the Pierce Family Foundation, we won't be talking about their runway of hope event. You could hit me up on social media at your coach Shawn. You could email me Sean Shan Alfonsocom. You could always call in for its two zero six for Oh whend. You'll be more than happy to answer that phone. You can find us on itunes. Hit that subscribe button and don't forget, you can find everything on dads with swagcom. Third annual runway of hope on May nineteen. That the views in the Odyssey in the desert. Megan, the CEO and founder the Pierce Family Foundation, is live in studio. She's a little nervous. I told her I threatened to bring some hard hitting questions. You know, people give to charity. They want to know what our money's going. Not for like no Bentley payment. You don't have a Bentley to you. I do not have a beout. Okay, so it's not going for Bentley payments. Yeah, so. So this is your third annual runway of hope fashion show. What made you decide to start doing a fashion show to help the Pierce Family Foundation? Well, first, it's great to be here, Sean. Thanks for having the Pierce Family Foundation on again. We love coming over. But I started I wanted to do a fashion show because I grew up loving fashion. I think most girls do. I have always had the dream of walking the runway and being a model. But I'm only a I exaggerate five, maybe five four. So instead of doing a fashion or being in a fashion show, I decided a host one. So, having an on profit, you need to think of unique and different events and I thought a perfect event to get my friends out to and my family was to have a fashion show. Nice. Everybody likes fashion. I know if who doesn't love fashion. I definitely love fashion, especially your fashion show. It is a great event because it's a challenge, because some fashion shows are so geared towards women that it makes men kind of uncomfortable to go to write. But your fashion shows pretty cool because it's so inclusive. It it's a great spot for men for women to good like date night activity right. It's pretty cool. I really like it. What are some key this is the third one. You're doing right. What are some things that you've learned from the first year fashion show and starting that and and the process that it took to get from thought to completion of show to now your third one? What what are some some things that you've learned through that process?...

Well, I definitely have learned that I need to follow my gut and to just keep doing exactly how I envision the event. I was a little not as confident the first year I hosted it and thought I needed to hire all this additional health and after it occurred and happened, I was like wow, I can actually do this, I'm just as capable. As you know, there's a lot of model modeling companies out you can hire. But I also learned to ask people within the community you need to help you and to help out, and that has been a real, big success. And so it's like helping other people within our community and like giving back. So so, if you can go back to Megan three years ago, what would be one piece of information that you would give her today? So, like you're like, okay, as I sit planning my third annual fashion show, and I'm on the dad's with swag show and I'm plant my shows about to come down the runway. What could I tell Megan Three yearss ago? would be like a tip, a tip I'm I probably just say to breathe and to have fun and to, like I said before, to follow your gut. I think I have a lot of people that get in my mind and like I try and they try and control the event, and so now I think I need to just follow my drink, like follow what I envision and to continue to just push what I see. Like the first year we had maybe like seventy people there and some of those are volunteers. Last year we were at capacity of like two hundred people, and so you know, each year there's a new struggle. I had troubles getting a liquor license last year and instead of just giving up and like throwing in the towel, I made the building that was an old cores warehouse into like a safe environment and push forward and didn't let that stop us. And so it's just continuing to follow that vision of the event that you see in your head. Cool, cool. has there been any big key struggles this year? So more UM honestly, not yet, which I probably should just knock on wood to saying that, but no, it's just you know, we move the location this year, so there's always going to be something new that will pop up that probably I'm not ready for expecting, but you know, I am three years into it and so I know that with my determination and the foundation and who believes in us, that will be okay. What do you do to prepare for like these things that pop up? Like you said, it's a new location right comes with new challenges new opportunities as well. What are some things you do to prepare for those challenges that might pop up? Well, I have a good support system and I have a good, strong board, and so I also have people that volunteer at the event and I so I have to rely on other people. I can't do it all on my own and I had to trust that the place for hosting it at will also step up and help me. So this is like I also have a whole staff of people there that before, when I hosted it, you know, it was just me throwing an event in a warehouse, and so I have to kind of like let go some that control and to believe that you know, we're all going to get this done because we believe in the cause. Definitely, definitely. So the Pierce Family Foundation fashion show runway of hope. What what sets runaway, I hope, apart from the other fashion shows out there, because there's a good Jillian fashion shows. What makes your special? Well one, because you're giving to the fierce family foundation. But Um no, I mean I know this. The competition is ridiculous. And so we host our been on a Friday night. I don't think a lot of other nonprofits do that. A lot of them are brunches, which is great. We do. It's only front row. We have three rows actually, so front row and then there's two behind and then other than that it's just, you know, want walking around cocktail tables, and so it's not a sit down dinner or meal, and so it's kind of more like you said before, and it's a it's a night out. It's an event. Like you go and have some fun. We're not feeding you a whole meal, but you have the opportunity to shop. You can go check out our sound auction. You get to listen... some cool music and this year we're doing it at a restaurant that has dolphins below it, and so you even get a sea some dolphins at a fashion show. What I know? I mean Victoria's secret. Don't even got that. I think Victoria's secret will be calling me and asking to use the location next year. I think they will. Victoria I've never seen. I probably rather see dolphins then some of the models in a Victoria's secret fashion show. Pert and not just me personally. That's just this dude, like some thicker than a snicker. But that's just me, that's this guy. I'm not trying to tell you what fashion show to watch on TV, but if Bravo or any of those channels are listening a fashion show with dolphins, I might tune into that. I might just tune into that. So fleetwood MAC landslide. Well, why is that Song special to you? Well, that's more of a personal reason. I have loved fleetwood MAC and Stevie Nick. She's from the valleys, from Arizona, if you if anyone and know that, and I grew up listening to her and she that was the song I danced my senior dance too, when I was in high school, and then it was just the dance I dance to my father daughter dance for my wedding, and so so let's bring it back a little way. Senior Year dance that you danced to. What is the senior year dance? I know we're getting off topic a little, but dancing and fashion kind of go side by side. What's the senior year dance? I didn't have to perform a senior year dance when I was in school because you knew it well. At my high school, which was the Desert Mountain High School, go wolves my if you were in dance for four years, you got a minute and a half solo at the senior recital. And so I was in dance four years and my teacher, Miss Noriega, but the seniors who'd had dance for a minute and they put pictures of you growing up behind you, and that was a song I picked because it's about growing up and like kind of being afraid to let go of what's you're used to, but moving on. Wow, hi, you listening to DADS WITH SWAG? Hit US up on social media at your coach, Shawn, you could always email me. SEAWAN SHAN alfonsocom calling for to fours two hundred and twenty six four hundred we're live on a star worldwide networks. Thursday's one PM. Hit US up. Check US out on itunes. Hit that subscribe button. Dad's with swagcom. We're here at the Pierce Family Foundation in their runway out may nineteen. Check it out at the views in the Odyssey in the desert, fleetwood Matt landslide to my love. Took it down flimb a mountain and turned around and I saw my reflection snow covert to the vans light. Oh Sky, what is can't Chid my heart? Can I say through the change it, Oh shot, can I dot season of my loud? Will I be fraid changing Bill My love around you. But try, Todren, get older, get noder tuill and get it.

Get to and if you see my legend in snow leg snow when a las La Dance. You're listening to Sean Alfonso. Dad's with swag. Now back to Sean. Yeah, what's up? Welcome back, everybody. Listen to DAD's with slag. Happy one year anniversary to me. Whoop whoo. We Got Pierce Family Foundation here live in the studio. You guys got any questions? Hit US up on social media at your coach Shawn, email me, Sean. Sean alfonsocom you can always call in for it. Oh, two, one, zero, six, four zero. Tune in live Thursdays one o'clock on a star worldwide network. Dad's would swagcom. We're talking all things. Third annual runaway of hope, may nineteen at the views and Odyssey at the desert little fleetwood Mac for you hope you guys enjoyed that. We Got Megan live in the studio talking about the runway of hope. Began tell us about some of the families that the money from runway of hope goes to help. All right, will. So every year what we host events to help families at the home who have a child suffering from a chronic illness. So we focus on paying the bills, like the mortgage or utilities, car payments. I just paid a power bill the other day actually for a family who has a little boy that is eight years old and his diagnosed of leukemia, and so I has most of us all know, like having a sick child. You'll do anything to help them and you'll le like not go in to work or you'll go to the hospital and sit with them, and so that mostly will jeopardize your paycheck. And so the last couple weeks we have gotten, Gosh, in just three days we've gotten it like three to four applications of families from around the community who need our help and assistance, and the range has been pretty high. Right now, like all of them have needed at least five hundred to a thousand dollars, and so I would love to be able to give them all the amounts that they needed, but we do have a cap on our grant that we can only give out every quarter. So that's where the money goes. If that, we raise at every event we host. So tell me a little bit about the families, like personally. You don't have to say their names or anything, but what are some things about the families that like really inspire you or tug at your heart strings? are what's connect my listeners with your families? Like how let us know a little bit about well, basically, I mean think of a family...

...or friend or even your own that you have a child, or of your own family, and imagine one of them getting sick. Imagine actually know we have a family. Imagine driving in your car and they go to state their friends house and they're a preteen and they're writing and they the person that is watching them allows them to get into the back of a pickup truck and they're driving down the road and they get into a car accident and your child flies out of the truck, lay hands on their head and is now has brain and brain injury. And it's twelve years old. And so that child is now in the hospital and their mom gets a call thinking their child is safe with the family or friends and they're now having to have rain surgery. They can't go to school for eight months, they have a walker to get them to and from the bed and their whole world is upside down. And so this young boy, the family that we did help for that. We paid for their rent for two months because the mom was beside herself and she didn't know what to do. I mean she gets a call at work that her child is being airlifted from whatever road they were on. Yeah, and just so people know, no laws were broken because in his backward state of Arizona you can still ride in the back of a pickup truck. Exactly. I know, man, that that was I remember I was like a little kid and California when that was banned when you weren't allowed to ride in the back of a pickup truck no more. I was sad, but it once you get older, it makes a lot of sense why people should not be riding in the back of pickup trucks, especially a sea pelt on. But there's no seat belts in the back of a pickup truck, so that's why he shouldn't be back there. Get a camper shell. Let us hear a story about a family that you helped and how pff change their lives. Well, last or no, about two years ago, which I can't believe it's already been, we helped a family who was a you know, living in Mesa and it was a husband and wife and they were fostering children and they ended up adopting one of their children that they were fostering and as soon as they, you know, the paperwork was done, all these health issues came up and she, this little girl, has holes in her heart, shoals in her heart, she has like a nine list of different diseases and disorders, and so the mom, who's been working in marketing, had a quitter job and her heart dad and the dad had to star like stop working full time and so they were almost kicked out of their home. They couldn't, you know, make any bills practically, and so they came to us, through a volunteer actually, and asked us for help and assistance, and so we were able to help them and we helped them with over two thou worth of funds and we're still friends with them. They could. The MOM comes and helps at events. The daughter we see all the time on you know, she sends his cards or thank yous or Christmas stuff, and it's amazing to see that. Like we were able to pick them up when they had nowhere else to go, and the mom spoke at an event and she's like, I've never been the one to like have to ask for help, like I've never had to like, you know, have my hand out, and that's not what this is. We're just kind of there to like pick you up when you fall. Yeah, that's the cool thing about it. It really impacts these families lives at a time of need, a time that you you really need help. Like it in it and it is a hand up, but it's also a handout as well, because you're taking care of so many things that at that moment in time, aren't important to the parents right, because when your kids sick, something happens to your kid, nothing else in life is important, like nothing else matters, right. Car Payments don't matter, energy bills don't matter. The only thing that matters at that point is getting your kid healthy, and that's cool that there's an organization out there like...

Pff that could step in and and help bridge that gap and allow you to spend the time worrying about the thing that you need to worry about and then let this amazing organization take care of the rest. So what different ways do you get funds for Pierce Family Foundation, like, what are some of your revenue generating things other than the runway of hope? What else do you have out there that listeners can contribute to? Well, we do and on a monthly giving and that's called the Angel Club and we have about almost ten members a part of it, which is great because it is something that we just kind of started about last year. So they donate between fifteen dollars to whatever amount they feel comfortable with donating, which is such a great way to just constantly have that amount that comes in every month. And then we also do we're applying for grants throughout the community. There's lots of great companies that award grants to foundations and nonprofits. And since our birthday, happy birthday to you, by the way, for Your Dad's a swag. Thank you. Our birthday for PFF of being a nonprofit is April fourteen, and so we are three years old. So we are have are now allowed to apply for a lot of these grants because you have to be a certain age to even apply for them. And so and then also individual contributions and just community support and people who believe in this cause that you know, and I was thinking when you ask me about families. Lately we've had a lot of families from the Nick You, which is where the infants go, that need extra assistance after they're born, and some of these families had no idea that their child was going to have like a heart defect or, you know, some kind of valve that need repair, and so they think they're going to take their child home and then there's in the hospital for weeks at a time, and so it's these like unexpected traumas or turmoils that, you know, we get these calls and we immediately react to them and step in. I know you know from personal experience when Isabella was born, she was in the nick you for a like a day, maybe almost a day. Yeah, maybe it was like a day and a night. It's hard to remember. But I was like Bassas a mess, a hot mess I was. Actually there was two reason I was a mess. First of all, I was a mess because Isabella was born like the middle of nowhere, New Jersey, and that the nurses that you know, we're on staff at the time. She was born in early, early, early in the morning. Maybe not like the sharpest tools in the shed. So when I'm trying to feed like my brand new infant baby, she wasn't taking the bottle and then they're like, Oh, you know, a dad can't feed a kid, let me do that. And then they weren't telling me that she wasn't eating from them either. So then they give her back to me in a couple hours. But I try again and I try and she wouldn't eat, and then they would take her back and apparently she wasn't eating then. So then finally, once a doctor looked at her was like, Oh man, your kids got all kinds of fluid in her stomach. So she's not eating. I'm like, Sham'p any eating this whole time. I thought it was just me. I couldn't feed my kid, but she wasn't eating that whole time. So she had to be in the nick you and they had to put this, like I called it a cake box, but this big thing over her head to kind of like help suck up all the fluid that was in her body. And knowing the end game that my baby was going to be okay was huge relief. But still like your little tiny infant, teeny tiny baby, even though Isabella wasn't teeny nor tiny, but just your as a parent, unable to do anything. There's nothing you can do, like you can pray and that's about it, but you're not a doctor and even if you are a doctor, there's nothing you can do, like it's typically it is out of your hands and there's there's nothing. You're hopeless. They're like all you could do is pray and nothing else. And these people don't know that their kids going to...

...ever be okay. Right, they don't know that, like and some of them are going to be things that happen lifelong. These are lifelong circumstances that their child will have to live with. It's got to just be like a mental wreck, like you have to really and and the last thing you're worried about is is some mortgage payment, right, or a car payment? Exactly, the last thing you're worried about exactly. Man, that's crazy. So the runway of hope, man, it's you got to check this out. If you live in a Phoenix metropolitan area, you have to get tickets. May Nineteen views of the Odyssey in the desert. You have to get tickets to this event. I've gone the last two years and as a dude, I'm telling you it is the chilliest fashion show you've ever been to. It's not too girly, it's high end. It's like cool, is is swaggy and is fresh and it's neat. It's a whole lot of fun. You definitely, I fear, in the Phoenix area, you definitely got to check this out. So the next song we got coming up little Jay Z Tom Ford. What made you go a little Hova? Well, I believe if you put it out there, you it might happen. So I hope one day to have some big name like Tom Ford walking my runaway. Maybe him and I could collaborate with the dolphins. You know, they didn't get out there. But who doesn't Love Jay Z? I've grew up, grew grown up listening to him my whole life and I just love the beat. And, come on, I would love to also sport Tome for it every day. There you go. We Got Pierce Family Foundation talking about their runway, I hope may nineteenth at the views in the Odyssey in the desert. If you want to chime in, hit us up on social media at your coach, Shawn, you could email me Sean Shan Alfonsocom. You could always call in for it. Oh Two, one, zero six four O or live Thursdays one PM on a star worldwide network. You can find us on itunes. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button. Check out DADS with swagcom Shwan alfonsocom and all that other COOLCOM's. We got Jay z Tom Ford for running. NIGGA W is rapping. Next, blow a snack for your niggas. What you're trapping, nest, but for run. NIGGA waits trapping. Next, blow a snack for your niggas. What you're trapping, Nest Tom for Tom for coming up coming down right clean for shack in the crown. Keep the trill y'all known fucking friends where weeping? Pop, my Parisian is home time. That no time is for all. Y'All. Season Piss ball dons and Burgunese flush out a reasoning and holds out them. Holds Out y'all, put y'all. We's in platinum run. Nigga, it is rapping that blow a stack for your niggas. W you're tripping next. been all my your road on Tuxess and me close. I party with windows. Yeah, pop, I come for International. Bring back concore numbers. Don't lie. Check score for time for Tom got the best blow. Sound up, show, sound, Boy Berry, of this my way, Perry flow now, no, nothing my way. Carried off this trigger. Columbia Yans on your tumblers, retreatment, hunting and forty characters in the streets part in my laughing.

You're only flagging on beats. My Lap. I happened. I'll pop my I come for International. Bring that con core numbers. Don't lie. Check score for time for Tom so done, coming up, coming down role. She hit the crow hit and come hold on, I'll pop molly. I rout time for you're listening to Sean Alfonzo Dad's with Swag. Now back to Jehan what's up? Welcome back to dad's with swag. We're live on a star worldwide networks. CHECK US out every Thursday one PM. Hit US up on social media at your coach Shawn Sean Shan Alfonsocom you could always call in for it. O Two, one, zero four. Oh, we're available on itunes. Makings over here making Mike's Squeak. You know you hot when you can make that Mike Squeak. Yeah, all right, Tom for Jay Z, the third annual runway of hope may nineteen. That the views and Odyssey in the desert. Where do you see the show five years from now? You talked about it be cool to like walk the runway with Tom Ford some big name designers. Where do you see the show going five years from now? Oh Man, all right, let's see. That will be our eighth year. I would love to have it on some rooftop somewhere. Maybe, I don't know. I love to have like two thousand people there. Let's, you know, go really big. Have Name Brand, you know, name brands from all over the world and as well as the local boutiques and designers. I really believe like we need to support our community and to help, you know, showcase what certain boutiques around here are showing or selling in their stores. But I don't know, I think I'm pretty proud of how we've grown and so I'd love to bring in let's do a million then in in eight years. Yeah, that sounds good. So what are some designers if you had like your pick? Like I know if I was having a fashion show and I got to pick some designers, it'd be like Nike under armor. I don't know. Maybe get some oakly sunglasses. Sorry, oakly, don't like Oakley Sunglasses. I so NA. But that'd be like my my like dream fashion show, like Jordan brand, like just really cool like that. So what would be like you're like if you could have because one of the things I do like about the runway of hope is that it's like local designers, like local people. I could see something. If I'm in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and I come to your fashion show, I could not only have the opportunity to buy it right there in house, I also got the opportunity to drive down the street and go pick pick something out and I'm that's a cool fact, right. But so let's let's think big. You know, who were some other brands? Maybe they're even local brands or... brands or whatever that you'd like to see one day at the runaway hope. I okay, well, let's see. I would love to have Christian Lubaton. Those shoes are sick and everybody loves a good red bottom shoe. I'm just going to go big with some my designers. How about DVF? I'd love Diane von Furstenburg. She has really beautiful looks Chanel, he always has an amazing fashion show. All, I don't know, you're threw me off with this rude I told Jos bringing the heat. I know. I'm bringing the hard hitting questions. No softballs on this show. It's the heat. Seven. That's it, man. Okay, so you got a couple cool designers there. You know, maybe GIEVAN. She would be kind of cool, even she would be kind of a sick one. You know, you got Tom Ford. Yeah, man, some some good ones. I was looking at. What's that? THEM FLIP FLOPS? I was looking at. Oh, you can get some Gucci flip flops very because we all know what happens when to dode was Gucci fliplobs, right, we know what goes down. Yeah, all right. So what are so we know some kind of brands and stuff that she likes partner with. What are some kind of companies that you like to partner with? We're like, if you had your pick, like your sponsors of the you know, two thousand and Twenty Pierced Family Foundation, runway of hope are Oh gosh, let's see, will definitely crescent crown distributing their local beer distribution out here. I am excited a partner this year we're partnering with Cassio Motors. They have some really sick cars and selling. Our have some sick cars and selling. So he's a good salesman. He's a good salesmanke it car. He just sold a car to a girl from Florida. So you know what, if you need a new car, he's not going to get you sick while he's trying to sell you. He's just a really good salesman. He's a good sound. I was trying to clarify because maybe you're going to get like a new, you know, cutless supreme and a cold at the same time. So and and two thousand and twenty. who were some of the big names that you'd like to have sponsoring your show? All Right, I'd love to have National Bank of Arizona. Okay, I think they're a good local brand. Let's go with Sean. You're throwing me off with these. I'm throwing you off with these. okay, maybe like Mercedes bands? Yeah, maybe merc maybe lens net gets. Oh, I'd like one of the WHO's the new private Chet Company that like lets you borrow their jets? I don't know. Marquis jet set life? I don't know that. Yeah, it is all kinds of different ones, all kinds of different ones. All right, let's get off the partners. You keep getting way like. Why don't you take take a few minutes and shout out each of your sponsors that you have this year? Thank you for the third annual runaway of hope on May the nineteen. Tell me some of your sponsors you have this year. All right, for this year, our platinum sponsors to to four apparel and design. They are a nation they sell nationwide to colleges. They design shirts for Collegian so rorities and fraternity's as well as custom shirts. So if you need more any custom clothing to too for apparel and design. We also Cassio Motors, sells great cars. Kendra Scott is another great sponsor. The views is doing an amazing job modern grove, the restaurant. We have a local radio station. One on one, point one the beat. Why are you trying to shout out competition on my show man? But they're sorry, it's all right, they sponsored you. I go ahead. One on one to be and then we just have some really great brands. We have NYDJ. There are not international brand. We have brothers Taylor. They're going to be showing off some great custom shirts for men. They're actually going to kick off the show. So, ladies, I promise have some hot models for you. What have you wearing? SPEEDOS? I don't think they're going to be wearing speedos because I don't custom some...

...those. Okay, good, because I'm not going to a show if dudes are in speed out. Um, we have a great local brand, obsessed. She does a lot of pop up shops all over the valley for custom shirts and then she was in our show last year and so Boutika morey blush boutique inspire her now and we even have a sunglass store that's going to be a part of it. Nice showing up some new shades for the season. Okay, now, last year you stepped your game up with the show. You you really you took your show from like a to to Aden and you had swimsuits. That all my dad's was swag out. There no artist swimsuits. Coming back for the third annual runaway of hope. We are in talks with to swim suit lines right now and so you know we're possibly working with one that has a swim student sports illustrated and then we might even have another one from that's a local girl that has branched out to la so I know that's what we'll get you there. That's litt'll get the fellas there. And so, Fellas, if you have any like favorite swimsuits or swimsuit companies that you like, hit him up, tell him to come walk the runway at the runway of hope. They can find Pierce Family Foundation on all social media. You can go to their website and make it. Will Give you all that information later in the show. But if you guys or lady listeners, I got a lot of female fans out there. And if you guys are listening and you're like, oh my gosh, I love me some beach, Bunny Beach, where they have to be in the runway of hope, then Holler at them and get them on that runaway because your husband will appreciate it, and then that's a good way for you to get a date night right by letting him come see a couple ladies walk to runway in a bathing suit, and then you get a nice date night out of it and for a good cause. And it's for a good cause, so that's even better. That's even better. So my last song, you know, I always picked the last song when I have a guess, and it's sometimes it's tough man, because you know, I know, I try to go with their pigs and all that stuff. So this time I'm like, all right, we're talking fashion, we're talking runways, we're talking popping bottles and supermodels. who better than right, said Fred, and I'm too sexy. You listening to DADS with Swag. Hit US up on social media at your coach Shan, email me, Sean Shan Alfonsocom is too late to call in, so you don't get the number, but we're on a star worldwide Networkcom you can find us at Dad's with Swagcom Sean alfonsocom Pierce Family Foundation runway of hope. Third, and you will may nineteen at the views and Odyssey in the desert. Right said, for it to sixty four, my love, to sixty four. My love loves going to leave sixty for my shirt, to sixty four, my shirt so sexy it hurts. And I am to sixty four, Milan, sixty for Mil and your cant Chub. I'm too sexy for your party, too sexy for your party. The Way I'm discot sing. I'm on, you know one I mean. And I do my little turn on the CAP boy, on the cat walk, on the cat walk, yeah, my little turn on the catwalk. Sixty four. My car to sixty... car to sexy by far, to secy for my hat, to sexy for my head. I'm you know what I mean. And I do my little turn on the Cup for yeah, on the cat walk, on the cat walk. Yeah, I shake my little judge mom, the cut water Si, you know what I mean, and I do my little turn on the cat walk, yeah, on the cat walk, on the cat walk. Yeah, I shake my little touch on the cat walk, my cat set both pussy cat, my love, my love loves. Going to leave song. You're listening to Sean Alfonso Dam's with Swag. Now back to Sean. Yeah, what is up? Welcome back to dad's with swag. Hit US up on social media at your coach, Shan, Shan, Shanapansocom to find us on Dad's with Swagcom we got all themcoms man. We're talking about the third annual runway of hope may nineteen at the views and the Odyssey in the desert. Get see models, get to see dolphins, all kinds of cool stuff, buy some clothes, take your woman on a date night. If you're in the Phoenix metropolitan area, get some tickets and if not, man, just flying. Enjoy the good weather, the dolphins, the models. will be a good time. I'm not love that song, by the way, man, it just makes you want to walk on a catwalk. You know what I'm saying? Like I'm just like yeah, I'm take my shirt off do some thug things. So, Megan, why don't you go ahead tell all of our listeners how they can find out some more information about the runway of hope on May nineteen at Odyssey in the desert, and how can they can find some more information on the Pierce Family Foundation and some of the other good things that you're doing throughout the valley? Well, we are located on Instagram at Pff Arizona, and that's Arizona spelled out. A lot of our information is on there, and then you can also check us out on our facebook page, Pierce Family Foundation, and that's PEA R see, and so same with our website. Go to Pierce Family Foundationcom and you can watch videos we've made. You can find out all about our events we have coming up, all the sponsors and corporate people that support us and learn a little bit more about our cause. Sounds good. Sounds good. It's such an amazing cause that you got. You know, it's such a great things that you guys are doing because, like we've said numerous times throughout this show, when something happens to one of your children, the other responsibilities in life just fall by the wayside. It's not like these are the things that you're thinking about. And I know that all my listeners probably have kids and none of us want to be in these situations. and His parents we have to take a step back and think about our fellow parents that are put in these situations and these times when all they're focused on is helping out their kids. And as a community, we could take it upon ourselves to step up and and give a let lending hand and and help a fellow parent, of fellow...

Dad. Would swag out and donate some money to the Piers Family Foundation and allow them to help these families because, honestly, without your guys's donations, nice organizations like this, they they don't exist, they can't exist, they can't thrive, they can't continue to help people in the community. You know, this isn't like some huge conglomerant that's just getting millions and millions of dollars and federal money and government money and city money and state money. This is just a local gangster just trying to get they hustle up, man, and we need your help to Pierce Family Foundation needs your help. So, if you find it in your heart, man, join their Angel Club. Check it out. You give fifteen bucks a month on your ATM Card Right that you're not even going to notice it. You're never going to even notice that that fifteen bucks is coming out, you know, and and put it like to come out like on the fifth of the month, so you know you just got paid. You're never even going to notice that fifteen dollars gone. You probably walk into starbucks or or Walmart or target or any of these places and you can spend fifteen bucks like that. But just think about how you can help a kid out, a family out that's going through these hard, hard times by just given fifteen bucks a month for the next thirty years. Man, you're set and then you'll get like a nice letter every year. It's a tax right off. You're doing some good, you're building some good, you know, Karma for you and your family. Maybe, maybe it's those kind of donations, in that KARMIC energy that you're throwing out there that will help keep your kid out of the ICEE. You help keep your kid out of the Nick, you help keep your grandchildren out out of the hospital. You know what I'm saying, like because none of us want to be in that in that situation. It reminds me of a movie and Man, I love it that there's one part with Denzel Washington's in there. It's called like John Something. Man, I'm horrible remember John Q's and able to movie. Check it out. It's an awesome movie, but there's a part in John q where John q says my son will bury me. I will not bury my son. Isn't that the truth? Like as parents, we don't want anything bad to happen to our kids. We want to go well before they start getting sick. So help an organization out like Pierce Family Foundation. Come to their fashion show, make a donation online, be become part of their Angel Club. Do whatever it takes to help out this organization, man, because it's a great organization. Without your help they can't keep surviving. We out up. Thank you for listening to Dad's wiss sweat hag with your host, Sean Alfonso. Join US live every Thursday or on demand any time two seven, right here at star Worldwide Networkscom.

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