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Surf and Serve and Neuro Performance with Kevin Donahue


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You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge and now broadcasting live on star worldwide networks. Dad's with swag with motivational life coach Sean Alfonso, specializing in helping you to get to your full potential in all areas of your life, from improving your professional success to overcoming fears that are holding you back. Single Parent and dad of two amazing young girls, sewn will teach you how to balance professional success while achieving meaningful relationships. It's Dad's swag and now here's your host, Sean Alfonso. What is uh? How's everybody doing this week? Welcome back to another great episode of DADS With Swag. We're live here Thursdays at one mountain time in the star worldwide network studios, and many studios are amazing. Let me be talking with my good Buddy Kevin Today. If you guys want to call in, hit us up for it. Our two one, zero, six four. Oh, you can always ask questions on social media at your coach Sean. Email me, Sean Shan alfonsocom and don't forget to hit that subscribe button on Itunes, man, I really need you love and support it. It helps the show out let's me know that my listeners care, so hit that subscribe button. If you have any questions, you could always find all the answers at DADS with swagcom. And we're going to talk to my Buddy Kevin. He has a website surf and Servecom, so make sure you check that out as well. So my Buddy Kevin Donohue is in the house, live in the studio. Is Great, Kevin Man, welcome to the show. Hey, thanks for having me on. Love Your intro, by the way. Thanks man. Well, we did a lot of work on that to get that perfect. That was all the work done by the great production staff here is star worldwide's great so let's just jump into it, man. You know from here's the cool thing about Kevin. When people meet Kevin for the first time, when people meet you for the first time, they definitely know that there's something special about you, something different about you, like it's just like this dude is get up, like there's something completely different about this man then typical men. I appreciate that. What do you think that is? What do you think? What do you think it is about your presence, in your aura and your being that just makes you stand out from the rest, above and beyond everybody else. You know, it's very interesting. I was at a table one time in New York City after an entrepreneur event and there's a gentleman by the name of Dan Sullivan, and Dan Sullivan has a company culled strategic coach, and the guy's brilliant. I think Dan's and his s of this point. And he went around the table and he asked folks, you know, what's your unique ability, in other words, what's what's the gift that you have that if you did all your life, it would never feel like working? And people went around and some people said selling and marketing and and it came to me and I really thought about it. I said, you know, making friends like I don't know what it is, but everywhere I go, and you know I travel the world, you know, from Africa to do by to South America, I get off the plane and I make friends. So there is something about me. I don't know what it is, and this has been all my life, from elementary school all the way to today. There's something about I think it's the way I view life. You know, I want to help people, I want to be a servant to people. I want to lift people up when I walk in the room. I want everyone to be kind of motivated and enroll them into a bigger future. And so just that idea of like, I see myself as friendly and I make friends very easily and it's been spectacular because in my career, you know, it allows me to build trust and rapport you. As you know, I've done business deals with the White House, Homeland Security, CIA, agencies that you know, it's tough to get into, but for whatever reason they're able to trust me. They know I'm honest. I had integrity, and I think that's it too. If I think further about it, it's about doing the right thing. You know one of my mentors, he said you can count there's five words in life and if you just follow these five words, you can count them on each finger. Always do the right thing, and I think you know, just from my parents raising me that way, in the way I look at life, if I always do the right thing, I know I'm coming into a relationship, no matter if it's a new relationship or relationship from years past, with integrity. Yeah, and when you show up that way, people feel it, people know it, and so you know I encourage your listeners, I encourage your audience, to write that down. Always do the right thing. It pays off thousandfold. Yeah, yeah, definitely. Man, what you and I connected on a spiritual level, right, we met in church. God and both of our lives is a very important aspect in our life. Is there a moment in your life was like your Aha moment? You're like coming to Jesus moment? Yeah, there's, there's, you know, there's a couple and you know, I was raised Catholic, which I love being Catholic now more than ever. You get your ashes.

Yesterday I did not get my handsitution. You know, I gave up on getting my ashes when I became sixteen because but before you're under sixteen you don't have to fast the whole day. You can still eat some some meat and food and stuff, but after sixteen you have to fast the whole day. So that point on, Mike Cutty, I'm like I yeah, I saw ashes for this man. I saw a television show someone was getting interviewed and I saw their forehead. I'm as Ash Wednesday day. I totally forgot and it's but you know, I've really even that the ceremony of it. The idea of in the purpose behind it goes back thousands of years and so, you know, there was a couple things in my life. One was when I was in Washington DC. I just mentioned some of the clients I had. I was working with a ton of different agencies, selling forensic investigative software to two different agencies and and companies as well, and you know, I was living the spectacular life. I was living in a penthouse condominium overlooking washing in DC, you know, but I found myself unhappy. You know, I was actually in deep at at the time. I had several condos I'd invested in, I had opened a spawn tanning salon outs and the outskirts of the city and I just found myself in a lot of debt and, you know, even though I was living what would look like from the outside the American dream, I found myself very unhappy and I said, well, what is this? This is strange. I've accomplished a lot, I'm doing a lot, I have a lot. You know, what is it in my life that's missing? And so I sat there, you know it board, and I said, well, if I had a magic wand, what five things would I want to have in my life to make me feel happy or feel fulfilled, and I wrote him down and one of them was to learn to speak Spanish. Another was to surf. Another was to get closer to my faith. As I mentioned, I was raised Catholic, but really I wanted to explore the history and the truth with that was behind the religion, religious aspect. I wanted to serve other people and then I wanted to immigrate to a foreign country. I was fascinated. Right in the neighborhood next to me they caught but knievel Salvador, and it's a neighborhood of immigrants, you know, from El Salvador. Lots of Bolivians live in the Virginian washing in DC area too, and I was fascinated by these people who came to this country with nothing, who were thriving, you know, many becoming millionaires. And I said, what if I just immigrated to do a foreign country? So those five things, I said, wow, what if I had all those things? So I went to work getting myself out of debt, you know, getting rid of anything I could, and I moved to Costa Rica. You know, those five things led to the one thing. I said, okay, well, Costa Rica sounds like the best bet. So I put a map of Costa Rica on my in my mirror and Matthew and seven. The Bible says asking, you shall receive, seek and you will find. Knock, lador will be open. And I said, home, what if I've tried this? Like what if I just experimented, to scientific experiment, with this faith stuff? You know, there must be some truth behind it. Has Been around thousands a year. And then there was a woman in a local hardware store for whatever reason, gave me a card with Jeremiah eleven through fourteen on it and it says for I know the plans I have for you, to Claires, the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you. You will seek me and you will find me when you seek me with all of your heart. Now it sounds like I'm a Bible bumper and I know Bible versus. I know like four and I just gave you two of them, right, but those I know, those two. Know some good one. Yeah, I know some good ones. I say those two made a major impact in my life. I said, okay, well, if there's this thing called God right or this person or whatever this. This got out there and you know, he knows my plans. Let me give it a shot, and so I just took a risk. I got rid of everything my career, might you know. I left my family, my friends, everything behind and I immigrated to Costa Rica and I live down there two years and during those two years I got to accomplish those five things and in two of those things, one was get closer to my faith. I got involved with Christian surfers. I got involved with a nondenominational Christian church down there and it allowed me to explore the Bible. We would surf and on Tuesday mornings and then have our men's group on picnic tables right next to the surf. It changes that way. It's not a stuffy church. That's where Jesus happened there. It's outside of the culture of what we're used to. So it kind of hit you in a different way. And we were reading the Bible from from an exploratory way, from a a research way, and it became different sort of taking into context. In the big thing, the big thing that changed my life forever, that showed me the power of my faith, was in service. One of the other quotes I could give you is or versus is James One hundred and twenty seven. It says the religion our God, our father, accepts is to help widows and Norphans in their distress. And that right there I said, wow, what if I just helped people? And so, you know, we would do these mission trips up to Nicoagua in a very, very impoverished neighborhood, in a actually the garbage dump there and it's called Lot Cherika and people lived there. About thirty five hundred people live their average lifespans thirty to thirty five years old. And we would go there and feed kids and I remember one time distinctly walking up into the garbage dump. Now you have to picture just it's on fire, it's smoking, it smells horrible, there's animals running around and there's people digging through the garbage dumps and there was a fourteen year old girl there..., you know, she was twelve to fifteen. And we I brought up into the dump a bag of sandwiches, belogny sandwiches we prepared. And Anyway, I walk up to Urasa Kidis to me that, you know, do you want food? And she said see and I gave her this belogny sandwich and as I was handing it to her and she pulled her sit up shirt over a face, you know, covering from the smoke and annilation pulled it down and she smiled and I said that's Jesus, you know, that's faith to me. And so from now on, like for me now, it's actually a practice, it's actually a way of being. It's not a religion, it's actually on the court, is what I call it, you know, being with people. And listen, you don't have to travel to Nicaragua. I mean, you know who are the Widows Norphns of the world? All of us, you know, all of us, are are lonely at times and missing and broken, and it just so happens that dramatic circumstance really brought it to the forefront of my mind, like wow, there's people out there starving to death literally, and we have the ability to feed them. That became my faith system, definitely. That became my religion and you could do that. Like you said, you don't have to travel to Nicaragua. Like me and some of my buddies, first Friday of every month, we're down at home base youth services, cooking and feed those kids. And in every neighborhood and every city, big, big or small, there is a place where you can give back. And I know my audience, if you if you've been a long time listener, you've here. They've heard me say this many a times. If there's a place where there's people, there's a place where's need. Yeah, and you can go right outside your front door. You can knock on your neighbor's door and be like, what do you need in your own family and there and they're going, yeah, exactly. You can. You can go yeah, write down this Halltier, siblings or you know, your spouse, and there's always going to be so they need something. It's a matter of just breaking down those walls and finding out what they truly do need. Yeah, and even putting our ego in pride aside. You know, it's like there's the verse of the Bible where Jesus is washing the disciple's feet. Right, this is the quote unquote, son of God, this is the leader, this is their man. He gets down and washes their feet like you know, what do you need? I'm going to wash your feet. YEA, you know. So it's really powerful in before that, when I was living in Washington DC, I coach Special Olympics basketball and soccer for years. So there's this idea of service and I think when you're when you're giving to other people who can't pay you back right or don't know, there's no way. It's just when you give from that standpoint, I mean something magic happens. It's definitely really what I say. It's the fertilizer for this, the planting of the seed of the goals and the things I want to ever in my life. It's really important when when you give something to somebody who cannot do anything for you. Yeah, like that's when it really feels like a gift. You know, like when when I've given people things, are donated things or did something and I know that they got it and they don't really need mind, it never feels as good. Or if I you know, or if you're at the charity auction and you're doing part of the live auction and you kind of raise your hand because you want everybody to notice you raising your hand. You know, yeah, it never feels as good that trip. Even when you go on that trip or you do the thing that you do, it never feels as good. That experience doesn't feel as good. There's even been times in my life where I've been on things just because I wanted to be noticed. Yeah, and then I never even use it. I never even do the thing I bought. Right, but then when you go and give that waitress, you know, a larger tip than typical because she just brightened your day, like, man, I had dinner the other night and this this waytres man, she rocked my world, like she was the sweetest, kindest, nicest, like just exuberant about her job. And it's moments like that, when you give to that person that can't give me anything. She don't even know my name if she wanted to give me something, it just feels amazing and it like set you like on a high for life, probably, but I've never done any drugs, but if I did, it probably be better than any drugs. Yeah, well, just set you on that high. Yeah, and it's in. You know, it's funny because it sounds aultruistic or I'm being a saint when I go do these things, but the fact is I get more out of it than anyone and know I'm greedy as it's selfish. It's not this altruistic thing. You know, I do these trips and I help people because of exact, exactly what you just said. There's somehow you some sort of universal return that comes back and there's just this amazing feeling and there's just like and it's this gratitude thing, you know, and and I just see, like I call it the fertilizer, because I see the multiplies and multiplies and multiplies in my life. So I always have to remind myself to keep giving, you know, constantly. Yeah, I will. We're going to take our first break cold play live in La Vida. Well, why is that Song Specialty? What made you pick that one? You know, I like that song because it's about you know, it's about living La Vida. You know, it's like living the life. You know, I told you about the in Washington DC. I was sort of living someone else's script. You know, it's like at some point I decide to write my own script and when I did that it just felt powerful and it just so happened that song sort of came out around that time and it just brings back a lot of good memories. Yeah, that you guys are listening to. Dad's...

...with swag. We're live Thursdays one PM. Dad's with swagcom. You can call in for it. Thousand four hundred. Hit me up on email, Sean Shan alfansocom. We are always checking out our social media at your coach, Shawn, and I hit us up on itunes. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button. Cold play live in Lavita rest a game sweep the street sign the doors to shattered windows. Couldn't be what I be you're listening to Sean Alfonzo Dand's with swag. Now back to John. What's up? Welcome back to dad's with swag. We listening live dads with Swagcom, coming to you from the star worldwide networks. My Man Kevin Donnehue is in the house. Check out his site, Surf and servecom. Hit Us up if you got any questions for Kevin. For it out for to one zero six four. Oh, you can hit us up on social media at your coach, Shawn. Download the show on itunes. DADS with swagcom. So, Kevin, let's get into the surf and serve man. Tell us how you came...

...up with this surf and serve idea. Yeah, so, as I mentioned before, we was involved with the group called Christian surfers down in Costa Rica and there was a mission trip that we would do open to Nicaragua. And you know, growing up like I did, we never did these four mission trips. In fact we never traveled out of the country. And so so, you know, going to Nicaraguay, I saw this extraordinary trip and I wanted to invite folks to come to it, but I didn't want to have it in a religious context because oftentimes, is great as religion is, it often is a block as well. And, as you know, I'm involved in a number of different entrepreneur groups and executive groups and I speak at different different venues and I said, wow, here's a group of folks oftentimes very successful from the outside, but also sometimes missing that piece that you and I discussed about early in the earlier segment, and that's that service piece or that's that access to faith or something like that. In so what I saw was and what was so shocking to me was the the difference between a place like the United States of America, like even the poor areas are here are rich compared to some of the slums over there. And so going to those neighborhoods, like wow, what could I put together that I could combine sort of a mastermind group. I could discussion group for business owners, but pull them out of their normal situation, whether it's an office building, pull them out of their neighborhoods, allow them to bring their families and come down here and deliver the homes. So what we do with Surf and serve as we build homes. We were down and when I say home, it's a sender block, ten by ten concrete home with with the ten roofs. You know, it's a it's kind of a shantytown shack, but it's shelter, you know, it's shelter from the wind, the rain, the sun, and they are so grateful when a family gets gets a home. And so what we did in November and December this past year was we built two homes for for two families and we distributed food to about two hundred and fifty families. Okay, Yep. And so we so it was a lot of you know, and in doing that, you show up as a servant and you show up in a group of people and it just builds camaraderie. You know, something special happens when you're in a group of people whose sole purposes to serve other people. Yeah, it definitely it definitely get that magic spark man. Yeah, exactly. And so when we we build the homes, we feed the families. Were down there for three days and something special happens. You know, when you're pulling in the road in the neighborhoods called tippy Topa. It's on the outskirts of Managua and this is a group of displaced people. Many of the people used to live in that garbage dump I mentioned before and some of the people they lived in a neighborhood that was right on Lake Managua and got flooded out. So they lost everything. Yeah, but they didn't have anything to begin with. And so you know the what do they do? They had this plot of land out there in the middle of nowhere and they just sort of building homes on it. And you know, there's no running water there. You know, it's a desolate place. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in this hemisphere and I would I would say this neighborhood has got to be one of the poorest neighborhoods in the world. So just a showing up. There were superheroes and people are just blown away by by you pulling in and you're driving down the road and as you're driving in there's a garbage dump on the right and it's smoking and it's smoldering. There's people living in the garbage dump. So instantly you realize you're not home, you know, like this is in Kansas anymore right like we are somewhere that's that's desperate. And then we show up and they're just cheering. They're so happy to see us. They have we have workers on site that help us build these homes and you know, it's really cool. The kids call me King Kong, some this big blond guy, and you know, everyone gets like a little nickname and they just celebrate us and it's really fascinating. Yeah, that's very cool. Man. So you told us what people could expect to do when they go on a surf and serve mission. What are some things that people could expect to feel? What are some things that, because I know for a fact that it's not just about the doing, it's about the feeling. What are some things that people out there can feel great question when they put themselves out there and really really serve and give back. It's really great. You know, the purpose of the trip is transformation, radical transformation. You know, it's like you let go of any problems you've had, you know, or have it. It's like the idea. So I've done a lot of personal development work, you know, I've done read the books, taken the courses, done the work. These trips for me create the greatest breakthroughs. I mean, if you want to break through and your relationship, a breakthrough in your business, a breakthrough in any emotion in your life, coming on these trips creates it, because you're in service to others. When you're when you're handing someone else food who otherwise wouldn't eat that day or maybe that week, all your problems disappear. And then what we do, too, is we connect people who are there. You know, we build lifelong friendships with folks. It was really nice. We had Natalie Jill, who's a famous fitness personality. She's got seven million, ten million, you know, followers on social media and she was there and she was blogging and doing facetime...

...lives from there and her audience was just blown away, you know. So you know, we like to bring people in entrepreneurs and executives, pull them out of their environment and put them together in a community that's all about service and they get to bring this back home to them. You know, they get the experienced and it changes their lives definitely. And you know that if you meet a colleague or somebody on a trip like this, that relationship is like depth, everybody says. You know, I'm I don't like going out and Hav any superficial conversations. I like to get in deep with people. I like to have meaningful relationships and meaningful caught conversations. But all we really do is go to fucking happy hour right. All we do is go to these networking events where there's twenty thousand people, are a thousand people, and we never put ourselves in a situation to go deep. You go on a trip like this, you're in the deep end. It's great, you're in a deep end, swimming in a deep end like this, like it's instant camaraderie, it's an instant brotherhood, like you guys are like blood brothers for life, because you just not only do you guys have something in common, but it's a great value that you have in common to serve to give back. That's deep. While there was it's funny because I love that idea of playing in the deep end. You know, there was a time in my life where I got fed up with all the stuff you're talking about. So the superficial relationships, and I said I'm tired of playing in the shallow end. Now everything I look at in my life I'm like, is that the deep end? Yeah, I'm diving in head first, right. So it really is a builds these deep, profound relationships. And what's also cool is on the tail end. So that's the service part and the yeah, group is called Surf and serve. So then we take this same group after this hard work. You're dirty, you're sweaty, I mean it's it's hard work. You're, you know, swinging a hammer. It's really something else. Then we take the group down to the the beautiful coast of Nicaragua. We've done this in Nol Salvador, Nicaragua and other countries as well, but we take none the coast and that's when we get the adventure, you know, the whole tagline for surf and service adventure, travel with purpose, right. So then we go down and we do we course, surfing, we do horseback riding, Zipline, you know, volcano hikes, all that the country like Nicaragua has to offer. So we take advantage of that culture as well, which is great because when we're there as tourists, we're actually providing jobs, providing economy to a place of the wise is struggling and you're getting some enjoyment for busting your ass like that. That's the thing. Like, you know, service without reward sometimes goes unfulfilled. You know, there's so many people out there that work in the service industry but they don't take the time, they don't take the moment to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor. You know, and I could think of a lot of people that lit work like in the nonprofit world or work in the child protective services world, or police officers or firefighters. Are All these people that have these jobs where their job is to serve and protect and help people and then after like ten, fifteen, twenty years of doing that, they're burnt out and they're bitter and they've just served their ass off, but they've never sat back and enjoyed the fruits of their labor. They've never sat back and said, Hey, you know what, I had a day of serving people. Tonight I'm going to go get a massage, I'm going to let somebody serve me, I'm going to I'm going to fulfill myself and fill out my bucket, because if our passion buckets aren't full, we can't continue to serve. Man, and that's the thing I love about what you're doing, because it's surf and serve. It's you know, it's you're going to serve and you're going, like you said, adventure with the purpose. You're going to go somewhere, you're going to do some good and you're going to have a whole lot of fun doing it. Yeah, and there's something interesting about surfing. You Know, I took on surfing later in life. I didn't. I grew up in wash in DC. There's not many waves there, so you know it. Surfing isn't easy. You know it for younger people it is, but it's you know. So what we do is, if you're not a surf that's okay. We teach. You know, I'm a surf instructor and we have other surf instructors and we get the big boards and our promises. Everyone gets up, you're going to get up on a wave, and that and itself is an accomplishment, you know, because it's a huge accomplishment. And the great, the great thing I love about Central America is beautiful, consistent ways, warm water. And when you're on the in the water there on a surfboard, there's no hotels, I mean, it's jungle, sand water, you know. I mean it's nature. You're out in nature. So you're completely unplugged. And then the other thing we add to the to the adventure is discussions, you know, nightly discussions, daily discussions. We hand out a gratitude journal, so everyone is, you know, writing what they're thankful for and then what their experiences were. You know what happened. You know when when we gave those people's a home, you know, it's often tears and gratitude and hugs. How that make you feel? Yeah, so we really hit home every night, like you know, what happened today? What did you accomplish? You know, how is this going to affect your lifelong term? How can you integrate this into your business life or into your... life? How can you take this home to you? And then what I love bringing entrepreneurs and executive for is because these are business people who are big thinkers. My brain can only go so far. So, you know, I coordinate these trips. I just got I just recently got offered by a dental organization. Hey, can we bring a dental group down there and do some work on teeth while we're there? I'm like, Heck Yeah, yeah, so that's a dental entrepreneur that I would never do. Yeah Right, I have other entrepreneurs. Hey, what if we did this? We provide us to provided US sustained economy for these people. I'm like great. So what happens in entrepreneurial masterminds or meetings or discussions is are things like that. Like everyone brings their idea and their expertise and their own superpower, their own unique ability, and suddenly we have a long term solution. So hopefully over time. You know, we meet them where they are. You know, we get them food and we get them shelter. Those are the basic necessities in life. But then in our discussions all kinds of things come up. Even that Lady Natalie I mentioned, you know, she said, Hey, this food we're giving them is okay, but we could get more nutritious food. You know, she knows some of these people here while they are there there's some of them are starving their overweight. Like what if we increase the nutrition? I'm like, spectacular, let's talk about that, you know. So it's really great. We end up in these powerful discussions about long term effects and how can we help long term while we're helping short term. So it's really great. And then the adventure, the jungles, the monkeys, I mean, it's just a it's a foreign land, you know, and Nicaragua was still one of those places I love because it's still untouched, you know, it's still still wide open. It's like the wild west. Definitely, definitely Lionel Richie. What's up with you know, easy by Lionel Richie. You got that song on here. What what made you pick that? Me, that's like, man, everybody loves some Lionel. So what made you pick that? What made you pick that song? Which one? The easy or the easy by Lionel rich well, I like easy just because it's a it's you know, it kind of describes how I feel about life now, you know, like take it easy, don't get too crazy, don't get stressed out, and so you know, and I'm just a Lionel Richie Fan, you know. There's, yeah, so many songs and you asked me for two songs and I had so many to choose from I had no idea which to choose, and so I was just I was actually going through my ipod and my iphone and I found the Lionel Richie album, like the greatest hits. Yeah, that's like I'll make kn't miss with Lionel Richie, you know, perfect and so like the easy, like a Sunday morning. You know, it was just like it just, you know, it's why I'm easy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that it's a great gem and I saw that. I was like, Oh, it just brings you back, like anything. Linel Richie just brings you back. But you guys are listening to Dad's with Swag. We're live on the star worldwide networks on Thursdays, one PM Arizona time. If you want to chime in anytime. Are you got any topics you want to discuss? Hit US up at your coach. Sean, Sean, Sean alfonsocom. You could always call in for O two, six four. Oh, all this information could be found on dad's with swagcom Sean alfonsocom check us out on itunes. Hit that subscribe button. We got a little Lionel Richie for you here. I'm leaving you to my room, seems to me. Girl, you see your big store? Yeah, wow, I'm easy. I'm easy like sudden. That's why wow grow. I made my dues to make it. Everybody wants what they want. I'm not happy when I try to face no. That's why I'm I'm...

...easy like Sunday morning. I'm easy like Sunday. I wanna be won't. That's why you're listening to Sean Alfonso. Dad's with swag. Now back to Johan. What is up? Welcome back to dad's with swag. CHECK US out on social media at your coach, Shan Sean Sean Alf on socom. Big Kev's in here flexing on the people can calm man. That's funny. You know, I have my first motivational coach that I went to after I got divorced and you know, I needed to get some of my swag back and and get some confidence back and get ready to get back into life and jump into the deep end. And it's funny because he had me think of a moment that to kind of be like a mantra for me. Right, we'd be like a mantra. And he's like, you know, think of something that like just pumps you up, just makes you feel like you're the boss. You know you're the you know you're the top dog. And I was thinking and I'm like, man, I don't know what to do, I don't know what to pick. So I prayed about it and I thought about it for a while and then it came to me. Man, I was sitting on the couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon after Church, and on the weekends I didn't have my kids. Man, they beat. They'd be depressing weekends for me because I wouldn't know what to do with myself right. I wouldn't know to do with myself without the kids there. So I typically on Sundays go to church, then I'd go hit up, you know, the mall and grab some lunch. And you know, that's where I met future Wifei was walking through that mall on lonely Sunday afternoons. But I was sitting at home and and I'm watching training day and the end of Training Day Denzel says, I'm King Cang up in this bitch. And now with that's Pall Manta, man, that's that's my Manta. Is Funny. So when you say that, they refer to you as King Kong. Man, I was laugh and I'm like, I'm King Cang up in his bitch. And every time I would walk into a room for probably like the next six months and I'd feel like a little uneasy or a little intimidated or a little nervous or scared or whatever it may be, I would just think in my head, man, I'm King Cang up in his bitch. And when you walk into a starbucks and you think, you're thinking in your head that I'm king calng up in his bitch, heads turn like you don't even have to say it, that's right, but just your pure presence, many people like who is this dude? Like, so I'm king call up in this bitch, man, I don't know me. Come on, it's Hilarious, man. So King Call it makes me laugh. Man, makes me laugh. But we listen to some line all Richie man, that dude, he's just a hit maker. Man, I can listen to his voice all day long. But let's get into this neuro performance. Yeah, what is. So you...

...hear the word neuro performance, I okay, that's a twenty dollar word, man. Break it down for us. Tell us a little bit about neuro performance and what it means. Yeah, that's great, and actually this is the first official interview I've done and it's actually neuro performance academy. So nor performance academycom is the website, and here's what it's about. You know, I like to say so everything we do in our life comes from our brain. And you know, about four years ago I suffered a mild dramatic brain injury, a concussion from a motorcycle accident and Ecuador was a minor accident. I didn't even know I had a concussion for about a month and then I once I realized I was diagnosed with a concussion, I had to heal myself because I didn't know why these guys like junior say ow and some of these troops coming back from from more time, we're killing themselves, and I until I had my own brain injury and it was really devastating. So it was really important for me to get to a place of total healing and and I went on a pursuit and so I you know, reached out to the top brain professionals that I knew of in the networks I knew of, and I got my nutrition right, everything right, and then within about four or five months I was healed and and I saw the impact that a broken brain had of my life. And during this time as well, I had I'd also taken some courses from a company called Z health and they work from a neurological perspective, with neural activation, with a lot of personal trainers and strength coaches, and they made a big impact in the market place. And so then I was invited to go observe this guy, Dr Ted Carrek, who's a pioneer in the world of function Morology, and I was watching him heal these people almost miraculously in a way, and I just saw the power of the brain and I pulled one of the docks aside. His name is Dr Mad INTANUCCI, fascinating guy and he's worked with Dr Carrick and he I asked him, I said that he'd listen. What. What is it possible? If this works in the healing world, could we make it work in the cormants world? And the thing I realized is the difference between Major League and Minor League is nanoseconds and millimeters. That's it. I mean the difference between and the difference between Major League in Minor League, speaking of Baseball, is Thirtyzero, thirty million, right and definitely. And so I was like, wow, these pro athletes are getting personal trainers, physicians, massage therapist, nutritionist, strength coach through, getting all of this stuff to work on their bodies, and nobody's looking at the brain. Yeah, and guess what, every single thing we do in life comes from our brain. That's the most important muscle in a body. It's the most important. It uses about thirty to forty percent of our energy resources. It is constantly working. And so, you know, I spoke with my friends documented to Newchi and some other friends and we put together a program, a performance program, and I put myself through it. And if your listeners out there, if they're old enough to remember a show called the six million dollar man or the biotic band, and you know, the idea was this guy was injured and they brought him back and they made robotic arms and he was faster, stronger, you know, better. Like it. And so I said a fow, what if we could do that today? You know what, if the technology is there to make people better, and it is. And so the idea of neural performance academy was, let's take people who aren't injured and put them through a program so they can activate their brain. See, the way the brain is built. It's built to for homeostasis, it's built to keep you safe. The brain, from birth, just wants to keep things the same. It's why it's so hard for people to change. It's why it's important for them to hire a coach. That's why it's important for them to be around a group of people who are behaving a certain way. It was why it was important for me to go to Costa Rica and immerse myself in order to learn to speak Spanish, because otherwise the brain will just stay the same. So I said, wow, what if we activated the brain, areas of the brain where the input is, the sensors, so your visual system, your vestibular system, your inner ear for balance and your appropriate sceptive system, your muscles, your joints and everything else. What if we activated those areas so that your brain could perform at a high level? Yeah, now it for an executive who has to make tons of decisions, who needs better memory. Who wants to be in better shape. For Entrepreneurs, same thing, and then for especially for athletes, you know, because athletes depend on their brains to make these decisions. And the way the brain currently works, some of the numbers we have, or we know, or we think we know, there's over a hundred billion neurons in the brain and there's about a trillion neurological connections throughout your body. Yeah, so the brain has no way of keeping track of all that stuff. It's impossible. And so what happens is a lot of those things are they atrophy, those neural connections and or the there's injuries. You know, we've all fallen off our bikes, are played football or soccer and banged our head, wrestled with our brothers and sisters, whatever. We've had injuries over time. The brain doesn't do a spectacular job of healing for performance. It heals just enough. Yeah, so if you've are ever sprained your ankle pretty badly, it's never a hundred percent healed because your brain heals it just enough to where it's okay and your back. Yeah, it doesn't heal it for performance. So there's all these factors that come into play. And what ends up happening, Shawn, is we have a GPS map... our brain that's missing about ninety five percent of the streets. Yeah, and so therefore we're walking through life, we're getting by, we're fine, but we're not topnotch exactly. Yeah. So one of the things we do in their performance academies were realigned the visual system. So the most of the day of your brain collects comes from your eyes. And what most people don't know is there's six ocular muscles in each eye. When was the last time you worked out your ocular muscles? Yeah, yeah, never, right, never now. So what happens if you never work out your biceps? You know, they disappear. And so all's we're doing is we're activating areas of the body and the in the nervous system that are already there to do a better job. So it's visual accuracy, speed to target when you're looking at something. And these guys, I mean it's amazing what's happened in my life. I mean I'm stronger, I'm bigger, I have more energy, my memory went through the roof. So just by activating a few streets. So just to go back to that, that neural that GPS map analogy. You know, if you have a GPS map of whatever city you live in and you're missing ninety five to ninety nine percent of the streets, can you get from point to point b? Yeah, yeah, the answers. Yeah, but it might take seven hours, course, if you're missing them. Right, and when I can just give you a map with full streets, or at least the streets for the shortcuts, you can get there in about seven minutes or so. Correct. Yeah, and I'm not hitting all of donut shops on the way, right, exactly now. Yeah, I come, I'm getting a better way to get to that, to my destination. Yeah, a more efficient way. Yeah, cleaner way, a healthier way and, like you said, the change. That's the most important thing. Yeah, like you said, the brain likes to keep us safe. Yeah, that's it. And and and amazing things happen in life when you get outside of that safety zone. Yeah, when you get outside of that comfort zone and that safe bubble that you keep yourself in. That that that's where big shit happens, man. Yeah, and our brain literally doesn't allow us no, it's like it's why it's so important to have a mentor. It's so important to have people in our lives who can show us the way. You know, if I show you a short cut and that you never seen before, you're like wow, I didn't know that was there, and you'll get to use that the rest of your life. Definitely. So, so, you know, and what's interesting is technology has come so far and medicine has come so far and the brain is still the final frontier. You know it. There is literally almost limitless potential when we activate areas of the brain when it comes to intellect, when it comes to performance. And the folks I'm focusing on right now are people who already perform at a high level. Yeah, you know, and I love Major League Baseball simply because they keep statistics on everything correct. Yeah, and the more statistics. So if I take a guy and I improve his his batting average from two fifty two seventy five or two hundred, seventy five, two, three hundred, and that's the difference between an average player to an all star or a hall of Famer, or a hall of Famer. Yeah, or listen, if I can get a guy two more years out of his career. Yeah, I read an article recently about a gentleman who plays for the GNATS than the nationals that are watching in DC, and I forget his name at the moment, but he's now he's thirty two and now at thirty two the game has changed so much and he's changed so much. Now he's going to play first base and he's got to be a power hitter, so he has to change a swing. Definitely. Yeah. Do you think his nervous system is going to allow all those things to line up easily for him? Yeah, the answers. No, it's gonna be a big struggle. So you know, the Docs I work with have already worked with some the top athlete. Yeah, you know, typically they work with athletes from a concussion recovery standpoint. A lot of NHL players, there's been a lot of impot Olympic athletes. You UFC fighters have gone there to recover, and so all we've done now is we've built a program that allows them to perform. Yeah, what about I know that you also work with executives like sea level and above. How can this program help them? Because I don't have too many listeners. I don't think that our professional athlete. Yeah, but I do have a lot of listeners that are busy dads that are high level executives. Yeah, how could this program help them? Because I know it can. That's a great question now and it's the same way it helped me. Yeah, you know, one of the things they found with me that we do a deep dive assessment into the information collecting parts of the nervous system, which I mentioned, is the visual system, vestibular system, propriceptive system, and what we don't know is hurting us. You know, if our brain is wasting energy on things that it doesn't need to use, it causes exhaustion, fatigue, poor sleeping patterns, and that was one of the things that was happening with me. You know, my eyes were moving in a still state and if your eyes are moving, it's using energy. The eyes are used to find threat for the brain. And so what what did that do for me? What it gave me all kinds of energy resources I've never had before. The Way I can explain it from a how I feel and how I perform now in life, and I'm not an elite athlete. I go to the gym, I play sports on Occasion, I go surfing, but I'm not elite athlete. But I'm for before the program I was about a seven on a scale from one to ten. Now I'm operating living life at about eleven or twelve. So the impact of my strength, flexibility and overall health has been extraordinary. You know, I've actually gained weight, and when I say gained weight, it's muscle weight. Yeah, you know, I went from about one hundred and ninety five I'm waiting about two and ten right now. Now I'm also working hard... the gym, but I've never had that before my life. My memory has gone through the roof. I had a hard time and I had some residual leftovers from my concussion as well, so there's like some clean up around that as well. So, but, you know, less fatigue, energy, memory, the ability to make executive decisions quickly. So these are the types of things that someone who's not an elite athlete can expect to expect to receive and the kind of folks that we look for your performance academy. We just launched this about three weeks ago. You know, we've built the program over the last year. We just launched the public three weeks ago. Yeah, and we have three folks who signed up and this year we're actually using for data collection to get the answers to the things you're talking about, because right now what we have, as my subjective analysis, correct. So we want testimonials from about ten, Fifteen, twenty folks when we when we launch and relaunched in two thousand and eighteen, we have that data. Definitely, definitely man, it's DEP's it's the perfect work smarter, not harder, exactly as hundred percent, and it's going to teach you, guys, how to and that's a cool thing about being a dad with swag is we teach you the things you need to know to be all encompassing. You can work and provide for your family and still have an impact at home, still be a presence at school, at sporting events. You can have it all. You could have this life that allows you limitless possibilities of being president at home, president in the workforce, present with your wife, your girlfriend, whatever it may be, and that's the true and spirituality and have that faith in that serve and that giving back. That that's what really makes a true man in the true swag. Dude, I'm just so, so thankful for you coming out today and and telling us about your surf and serve program and near a performance institute. Remember, you can find Kevin's information surf and servecom and neuroperformance academycom. Definitely, man. And do you have social media? You want to throw out your social media handles, anything like that? It's your thing. At Dona Hue, km so donahue, km on instagram and you know, you can find me a on Linkedin at Kevin Donohue. Perfect, man. Yeah, that's that's where you can find me. That's that's awesome. Man, hit my boy up. Make sure you check out that surf and serve. You know, get get your wife, your family, some coworkers. Check that out. I think that, you know, I haven't done it yet, but it's definitely on my bucket list of things to do because I think it's just going to change my life and take me to these extraordinary places. So check that out and if you are in a position where you want to outperform your competition and you want to work smarter, not harder, hit up the nearer performance Instituteescom man, be one of Kevin's guinea pigs and then I invite you to come on my show and tell me your experience when you went through that program, because I'm really interested in that. Man, that sounds Hella good. You listening to DADS with Swag. We out. Thank you for listening to Dad's with swag with your host, Sean Alfonso. Join US live every Thursday or on demand anytime seven right here at star Worldwide Networkscom.

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