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Zachary Hall | Don’t Sleep On Planes


So what do you do when you’re on a flight? Do you keep to yourself and read or watch a movie? Or do you sleep like so many other do? Well today’s guest believes you should do something else when flying. Zach Hall has recently released a book titled, Don’t Sleep On Planes, where he … Continue reading Zachary Hall | Don’t Sleep On Planes

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For one hundred and five, five, seven nine, one hundred and four eight three, we got in studio today. My Boy Zak Zact's got this new book don't sleep on planes. What's up, Zach? How you doing? Man, so much for having me happy to be here, not sleeping on playing today. That is great, man, that is great. We don't we don't want you sleeping on play. So real quick, man, tell us a little tell my listeners a little bit about yourself. Aren't well? First off, of born and raised Phoenix, Arizona. Love the value of the Sun and been out here my whole life. And the best thing about Phoenix has where are the fifth largest city in America and it truly is a small town. If you know one person, you know five, if you know five people, you know five hundred, and so just growing up here, I've stayed in touch with I grew up on the avenues on the west side of the town and went to Community College of downtown, went to Asu polytech way out east and then went to University of Phoenix. I've worked for the suns and the diamondbacks and we'll talk about all these things, but I've been here so long and I've done a variety of things that just the network keeps growing and here we are. Very cool very cool man. So what made you want to write this book? Kind of to that very first point of being here my whole life, I just continue to meet people and, you know, you stay in touch and you add them on social media and a lot of people would always say like don't you know too many people? Is there a point where like all right, I got enough? People like no, there's not, and they like, well, how do you meet somebody? And then how do you follow up? Easy, you shoot a note or a text message or you follow them on twitter. And I started. I have all these tools that I've just been applying in my life for no personal gain. I don't work in sales, I'M NOT REAL ESTATE AG and I just I'm a valley connector community leader and sports professional per se and I just live my life. And so people would come to me and be like Hey, I how do you do this? And it kind of got to a point where the first step to doing something is solving a problem and I realize that maybe there are people in my circle that want to get better at networking and that was a problem. So I was like, I think I got the answer. Very cool when you threw it in this nice little book. Yeah, how'd you come up with the title? Man, the title sick, like. That's the thing, like titles and show names and you know, all these kind of things. It's so important to get your message out. And like, you know, book covers and stuff. People are don't judge a book by its cover, but it's so hard not to do. Like if you see a cool cover on a book, you're like, Oh, I'm going to read that, like I'm going on vacation or jumping, you know, I'm all beat, have some downtime, jumping on a plane. I want to read something. You always typically judge it by the cover first. Then you open it up see what it's about, you know, or you figure out what Bill Gates is reading for the summer and then you jump on one of those. But that's the but this this topic, man, don't sleep on planes. It's so appealing and it's just it catches you and you're like, well, what do you mean, like don't sleep on planes? Like because you don't in the title and even with the cover of the book, it doesn't tell you anything. With the books about right, it's just like don't sleep on planes. Well, why? Because the plane can get hijacked. The plane might go down, like am I supposed to be talking to my neighbor? Like flight attendants gonna like spill something Moll me, like why shouldn't I be sleeping on planes? But it really like it just grabs you, man. So how'd you come up with that title? So in the introduction I talked about how I was on a flight to vegas like two and a half years ago as heading to a conference. Millions of people go to conferences a year and many of those millions end up in Vegas at a conference, which is not a bad place to be at a conference. So if you're going to vegas, you're thinking about luck. You're like I like, we're going to hit it, we're going to go have a couple of drinks, we're going to go to the tables. So I'm getting on a southwest flight and I was in the the Sea Group of southwest, otherwise known as the center seat group. So shout out to people that know about the sea group. Like me,... always forget to check in, but that's a whole nother topic. So in the sea group I realized that, you know, I'm last three or four people to board and I started getting a little I guess discriminatory. I was profiling. I was all right, do I really want to sit next to the crying baby now going to Vegas? Don't want to sit next to the group of boys are going to a Bachelor party. Not Today. So I saw a dude row for sitting on the aisle. It was a middle seat. I saw he was wearing role X. I quick I was like, Oh, that's my guy. So as I'M gonna sit next to this dude because whatever he's done in his life, bought a role x, always making some kind of money. Or maybe it was a gift, but I was destined to find out. So I sit down and James Raleigh. I talked about him in the book and he's a commercial real estate guy and Walmart is one of his tenants at a shopping centers. Rent is paid in cash. It was awesome. So I started talking to him. You know, Vegas, what's up, and in that forty five minutes I met a multimillionaire flying southwest. Like everybody else that there are probably a hundred or thousand people that are begging for a forty five minute lunch meeting with dude. But instead of taking a nap before Vegas, which is also kind of encourage because, you know, yeah, I didn't sleep on a plane per se, and I just started talking to him and I travel a lot working in sports and I love flying because you have personal time and whether it's taking a nap or reading a book or doing something that's been on your to do list for a long time, like flying or traveling, gives you that time. So it wasn't that day that I came up with don't sleep on planes, but the more I started thinking about when you're burning time, it could have been don't play Madden when you come home from work. Yeah, it could have been the same title. Yeah, if you're trying to do something but you're playing mad and every day, well, you're not going to get something done because you're trying to, you know, skill up on Madden. Yeah, so that's kind of my my path and it's been catchy because people sleep on planes every day. Definitely. Yeah, it's just a little playbook, like a I'm not saying don't sleep, I'm just saying at least talk to a couple people before you sleep and then when they hit you with the dying to move your chair up, wake up and finish the story. Yes, yes, for sure, for sure. So in the book you talk a little bit about the mask concept. Yeah, let the listeners know a little bit about what's going on with the MASK ONS het. So, working in Sports, sports are known to have mascots, and mascots are great because it's a you know, do it in the costume that is empowered to get people excited, to start chance and gage interact. So the mask concept stems from my time working in sports. I realize that this dude's wearing a mask and whether it's, you know, Mickey Mouse or the chick fil a cow whatever, there are mascots everywhere. But this person in this mask is living a life. Because, no, what why do we love Halloween? Because if you dress up like a pirate, you're not talking. I got pirate. You to be a pirate all day long. Yeah, well know that when you're in the pirate costume. Yeah, you got to have like a pirate, your darth vader. You say what Darth Vader says. Yeah. So the mask concept goes like this. When you realize you're wearing a mask, you're a dad with swag. When it's dad mode, that's a mask. When it's husband mode, that's a mask. When it's life coach mode, that's a mask. Now you can't be wearing the life coach mode when you're being dad like. That's you got to have more love, and so you got to be aware of the masks you wear in your life, work, personal life, church, volunteering, and mask goes like this. It's an acronym M, a s K. first one is m is your mindset, a is your attitude, s are your senses and K is your knowledge. High Cool Man. So how it works is, you know, right here with this podcast, man like, we're sitting down with Dad's with swag. You got to get your mind right. That's up to you and that's up to me. And when you get your mind right, you make that choice. Your attitude. That's up to you as well. However you approach situations. Get your attitude right. Senses, whether you're a waitress a chef, you got to know what it is you're smelling, you're seeing, your feeling. Your senses have to be alive. And then we'll come back to the chef thing. Your knowledge, like if you're a chef, you got to know what good foods like, what ingredients go with which it's the same analogy for life. If you're a teacher, you have knowledge, you got have a senses of the class, got to have your attitude because you're deal with kids or college kids, and you got to get your mind right for the day. So mask chapter three. That's cool, man. There you go. Make sure to check, check your masks, and I like that point, whereas like people are of many masks, because we all got so many different masks. It's kind of like having so many different hats on. You know what I'm saying? It it's I had another another friend, who talks about how having all your hats, but I like this mask concept. So we're about to take our first break here and the song you picked was a last profits, last, I mean lost profits, last train home. Tell us a little bit about that song and why that song is important to you. There's...

...a part in the song where they just belt out and it's like if we're going nowhere, we say we're not going home, and you just feel it and it's like you just belt it with all your passion and your energy. And I mean price songs ten, fifteen years old, but every time it comes on, no matter where I'm at it's time to rock. You listen to DADS with swag. Got My boy ZAC and here talking about his new book. Don't sleep on planes. Make sure you check that out. told me that it's all choices, but now that's a dad's with swag, your host. Let's do it. Welcome back to dad's with swag. Are you a dad that has no idea where to get the perfect birthday gift to that last minute birthday party? Your kid just told you about wife. He's on a girl's trip and you need to find a swaggy thing to do with the... Make sure you to go to the one stop shot made for DADS by DAD'S A Z, dad'scom. So what's up? You guys are listening to it as with Swag. We got my boy ZAC in the house. Don't sleep on plane. You can hit us up on social media. At your coach, Shawn. You could always email me, Sewan Shan alfonsocom check out our website. DADS would swagcom get all of our past episodes. Hey, don't forget to show us some love. Subscribe, review, rate this show. We can use all the love we can get. Man, so Zach. What are some of the other points? In the book you would like readers to get when they read this book? What are a couple things that you'd be like? Definitely, for sure, man, I want them to get this. So chapter one is kind of the start of any time you're connecting with somebody or you're out and about, there's an art to talking to strangers. So I start the book with this art of talking to strangers and a lot of it comes back to what I called the Ford Theory. Foard, I don't live my life in acronym, so this is now the second acronym I'm dropping on you, but I think, like anything, if you break it down, foard, it goes like this family, occupation, recreation and your dreams. People love talking about themselves. Talk about their family, talk about what they do for living, talk about what they do for fun and talk about what their dreams are. So the art of talking to strangers is number one. Chapter Four, one of my favorite, is called follow up up. It's a fantastic thing to do. You got to be creative with how you follow up, because they are meeting people every single day, but why are they going to remember you? Chapter five is a shout out to some people in my life it's called don't be a jerk. So that's great. So the point is, where you are today, somebody helped you yesterday. Where you're trying to go tomorrow, somebody might have to help you. So be mindful of where you're at. And so, wherever you're at today, you're probably enjoying some form of success at the littlest, at the smallest, slightest degree. Don't forget that. Give yourself a pat on the back and remind yourself that where you're at your you're a worst day, it's probably somebody's best day. So chapter five is don't be a jerk if somebody says, Hey, can I take you to coffee, because I'd love to learn how you got here? Get that free coffee. Let's go. You're gonna have a coffee today anyways. Yeah, yeah, you can share that moment with someone. In chapter six is you can never know too many people, and chapter seven is let's grow our networks together. When I think about it full circle, I try to take readers on roller coaster. You're going to meet strangers, you're going to learn a little bit about them, you're going to embrace your mask, you're going to need to follow up. Don't be a jerk and make sure that if somebody's following up with you, or vice versa. You can never know too many people in the more people you know, the greater impact can be. Yeah, it's out. You know, I talk about coaching a lot to kind of like the same thing. There's three people you should have in your life at all times. You should have somebody that you look up to and want to inspire to be and you need to, like you said, have coffee with them, have lunches with them, try to learn as much as you can from them. You should have somebody who's doing what you're doing right now, kind of like a peer that you could network with and stay involved with. But then you also got to have that person on the come up, right, that Relson to come up where you used to be. Yeah, you have to be available to that person because it's going to make you feel so prideful because you'd be like, salute and dude, I remember when I was in that spot and it was hard and this happened and that happened and this is how I peer severed and now I am where I'm at today, and it gives you that like sense of pride and accomplishment. I love that. Don't be a jerk. Yeah, and most the thing too, is because, like me, I'm I'm really introverted person. Sometimes when I go get on planes, or like, when I get on planes, I'm the dude who's got like my hat down loow, my beats on, my Hoodie on. I'm like, don't look at me, don't talk to me. Like I get racially I'm not even black. I get racially profiled at the airport. You gotta beard, though. I do. Yeah, that's new. That's new, though, but I like walk through security and they're like, what the fuck is this? Ya Thinking? Right? Well, I look at your head and if I'm sitting next to you, like Dad's with Swag, to me is tight, like I'm thirty, turning thirty one, just about to get married. Kids are not on the horizon, but you know, a couple more in the playbook. Yeah, Fifteen, twenty moons from now we'll have some kids, but I'm gonna have them be a dad with swag. Yeah, so, if anything else, I'M gonna be that guy that wants to you that number three, like yeah, if you're a dad already and you got swag. A couple years from now I'm going to try to be a dad and I'm going to try to be that dad with swag. So for sure, is dad's was and that, yeah, that is the art of talking to strangers. I'm going to recognize something about you. Yeah, what is DAD's with swag? And that is either a your occupant or be your occupation or see your recreation. Yeah, and F number A or letter A. that's family, that's occupation, that's recreation, that's your dreams. Dad's was swag encompasses all four of the Ford theory. Now we're talking for a flight. Yeah, and here we go, there we there we go, it's...

...on. That's a that's a cool point. So who's The coolest person you've met on a plane? That's actually a great question. When it comes to on the plane, I talked about Raleigh, the real estate guy wearing the bulex. I talked about this girl Doris Rice. We committed a we didn't commit the felony, but we jokingly called it a she's a world renowned watercolor artist. Okay, you want to talk about dreams. Yeah, she is dopest of Dope of art. Watercolor, as with swag and she gets paid to go to Coronado, Cape Cod and she just watercolors. Okay, we sit next to each other. I'm gonna tell you that the crime that was committed, because you don't need to get don't even read the book, I'm just gonna tell you everything. Right. So I'm at the bar at the airport and I try to talk to these two dudes next to me. We're going to Phoenix, and they kind of like shunned me, and I'm like, Oh, don't, don't shun me, don't try to son me. Yeah, don't be a Jerky. Yeah, I'm over, you're just try to have a beer. You're having a beer. We're both headed to Phoenix. Like, what's up? Nah, hit me with the stiff arms. So I was like all right, cool. So dude leaves his laptop. Oh my man. So I'm kind I was like, you know what, like I look at the bartender. I was like, I know they're on my flight. This is a felony if I'm not only taking somebody left their luggage unattended. Yeah, that's the one recording. You heard. Every every is now. Yeah, don't leave it. Yeah, what's in this laptop? Right? I'll take this. So I take it and I'm on, you know again in the C section. So I was like all right, like I'll get on the plane, I'll scan, I'll I think I remember what Dude looks like. Nothing. So I look on the back of the laptop and I see he's got his company there. So I buy the Wifi for our hour long flight to look on linked m define dude. I add five dudes from this guy's come from his company. We get off the plane. I still haven't found him. So now I've officially committed, I think of felony and I brought a laptop that was left unattended onto a plane. Thank God, nothing that happened. Then I get off the plane and I can't find dude and I got a laptop from Diego. Well, then I walk down, you know, you passed the the restaurants and the bathroom and I see dude yelling at his coworker about leaving the laptop. Show up I'm like Hey, my man, I think you left this laptop. We're sitting at the bar and I just wanted you to know I brought it. And I guess what I'm doing is I'm not answering your question, because this dude was a jerk. Yeah, I didn't expect them to buy me a ride home or steak, but if this is the laptop for Your Business and some dude finds it for you, yeah, he was like all right, man, thank you so much, have a right day. Wow, that's it. And the whole flight I'm talking to Doris about her watercolor and this laptop and I'm finally meet dude and he's like shook my hand and walked on, and it was that moment that I was like, all right, was I expecting something? Did I expect him to say, though, like let me get you an uber, or hey, let's just have a beer real quick, or hey, my company's putting on this event, you should come, or here's my card if you're ever insane. I don't know. Yeah, but that is probably one of the greatest story. Let me give you a hundred box like Yo, cash money always works back. I'd give anything if it was my laptop up whatever is in my pocket. Yeah, and I'm not saying I wish dude gave me. I mean I wish you'd just slid me like at least a twenty spot. Yeah, because I've at least would pay my best. That's at least. That's thoughtful, you know, like, yeah, you'd let you luck this laptop all the way from yeah, so it's it was a not the coolest person I've ever met, but it falls into the adventure of traveling. Yeah, it is one of those travel if you travel a lot, you have stories. Yeah, people that travel a lot, they are the greatest OGE's, their capital Oge's, like they know how to get the TSA lines, they know where to eat and all this stuff. Like there's tricks, but in that story it's cool because I met Doris through this and she was a part of it and I've never needed a watercolorist, but I if you need a watercolorist, Doris rice the dopest of dope. She is the best and she gets paid to travel the cool places to help people watercolor perfect Du that sounds like a so when your kid is painting on the walls ten you about like whooped Ay Butt for painting on a walls. Just remember they can make a living, auture. There is a future. I'm jacking up your walls. Who's the one person you would love to meet on a plane? You know, I've thought about this a lot, especially when it comes to don't sleep on planes and the ability. There's a guy who's the CEO of Hudson News and I'm trying to get don't sleep on planes. To me, is the perfect book to buy an airports. So like, man, if I can sit next to this guy, they're in New Jersey. Have done my linkedin homework. It'd be cool to sit next to him because he's the gatekeeper getting the book. But that's that. You know, there are people that run businesses, there are people that work in our military. To me, it's not even like I hope the right person sits next to me, because I've had people that suck, I've had people that are cool. I don't know if there is the one dream celebrity that I hope we'd sit next to me. To me, the coolest part is just when people sit next to me, to our doctors or lawyers or teachers, and we can just talk and I could tell them I work in sports and I wrote a book. Yeah, they think I'm cool. Yeah, what do you do now? That's dope. Tell me more.

I have an idea for a second book and I haven't some ideas that I want to do like a youtube channel, and I just love people cool and I think our society is full of the coolest people that work their butts off for their own dreams. Every chance I get to meet somebody and find out what they're doing, and you can probably tell a lot. I got a lot of energy, but I also believe like society is the glass two thirds full. We are a dope society. Yeah, and together we can accomplish a lot and I think to some degree we forget that. And I think, like when you go into a situation, when an open mind and you think, like I, my intention on this airplane is to meet a new friend, like meet somebody, chop it up, have some conversation. A lot of the especially the shit that society is going through right now, a lot of this discrimination and hatred and all that stuff, it just flows off because you come to this point where you're like, all right, no matter who I'm sitting next to or is a jailer's Muslims, Christians, we sitting here for the next couple hours, hope there's a good landing and might as well just you know, because, yeah, that's what you we all got to say fear right now. We all got the same fear. Everybody that's on the plane has the same fear. Hey, let's make sure we don't hit turbulence, make sure I ain't got to pee when that seat belt light small and yeah, make sure we got a nice soft landing. And everybody, unless you're that dude, is looking around the plane is like he is somebody going to cause some shit on this got be the dude. That's those sleep on planes and don't be the dude. Yeah, it's cool, man, because it's cut you know, I had talked about it on a previous episode, where it's like we walk through life and we're so afraid to say what's up to people, to say hello to people, because we're so insecure with the fact that people aren't going to say hi back. But when you really think about it, like how many times has somebody said hello to you and you don't say hello back? See, networking is like dating. Yeah, and as a guy, from man to man, when it comes to dating, how you start is really going to be how you finish. Yeah, and to some degrees you can shift that, but if you come in too hard or too hot, or you come in a little awkward. You're still trying to break the glass, break the ice. You're coming in and you got to figure out what it is. So the art of talking to strangers to me, like I'm engaged now of five years and I was like, all right, I wrote this book about meeting strangers. If I was single, I think it would still work. But whenever you're meeting a guy or a girl, and maybe you are a single or maybe you're networking on a plane or you're at a networking event, the first thing I'm going to drop on you is don't be Carl the card collector the dude that's like Hey, what do you do? Let me get your car. What do you do? Let me like no, Carl, kick back dude. Yeah, but the same thing comes back to Ford, but it also comes back to be present in the moment and recognize where you're at what you're doing. So the art of talking to strangers to me breaks down like this. You're on the same plane, going to the same destination, on the same row. All you're talking about. The first thing you can say is we're flying to Chicago. Yo, my man, like Chicago, what do you got going on in Chicago? Boom, they have to answer that question because I got something in Chicago. Yes, something's going on. So to me it's like you break it down to the simplest form of if you're going to say hi to somebody, that's a close end of question. Hey, hey, or we've all walked down the halls in an office like hey, you're doing today? Good, see you, like, come on, Brot, like I'm guilty of working in an office where people just say hey, how you doing today? They don't care how I'm doing today. So you have to find those almost a really you know, bridge the gap, break the ice and create open ended questions and art of talking to strangers. You know, it's a fun game to play. I like to do it wife. He doesn't like it when I do it at all out but we'll be like at the grocery store or like will be eating dinner in a waitre. Still be like or the checkout person, but like so, how you doing it? I'm actually really, actually my is hot as hell out here. Yeah, wet, you know, like I saw the devil on vacation over here in Phoenix, and then they're like all right, coo. Would be one thousand seven hundred and ninety five on the face, just like what did this dude just do? I'm like, Hey, don't ask them questions that you don't really want to answer to. You got any tips out there for first time book writer, since this is your first your first literary experience, what kind of advice you got out there? There is no playbook to writing a book. Everything you Google is either half true or it's going to lead you down a path where you're going to get even more lost. I have no idea what I did. I don't know how I did it, but the step one is it starts with great people. I found a great editor. I found a young lady named Jennka, Jenka a May's you can check out on Instagram, a maze photography. She's a photographer, she's we're at a radio station, it's street team and she's never designed a book cover before. I had neither to die, but I she's a creative so I gave her a shot. So when it comes to writing a book, if you want to write a book, the first step in writing a book is writing. You got... write. I didn't think I was going to write a book until I started talking about I wrote in the Journal about Raleigh, you know, the guy wearing the rolex. Then I wrote in the Journal about like how funny it was with Doris and then I started breaking down, like okay, what comes from the story? And then I realize, like I'm pretty extroverted, I love talking to people and it can help people with what I'm good at. So I identified a problem that I wanted to solve. So if you're writing a book that's a selfhelp you're identifying what selfhelp category you get into based off the problem you want to help solve. So, when it comes to writing a book, first step is writing. I had thirty five thou words and I was like, all right, that's a little much. So I wrote down three goals. Once I realize I'm writing a book. Is I want the book to fit in the back of your pocket and I want you to be able to read it in about an hour and a half. So I had to do some Google research on what an hour and a half read is like and all that full circle. If you're going to write a book, first step is writing. Second step is organizing it. What are the titles? All that? If you want to title it first, title it first. If you don't know what the title it is. Guess what, keep writing and at the very end of the day, there are people in your circle that you can share your book with that'll be honest. And if you don't have honest people in your circle, send your book to me and I'll be realized. Yeah, but you need to find a new circle. Yeah, but I if you want to write a book, the the coolest part about writing a book is people have come out and said, you know, I really want to write a book. Okay, write a book. No, like why? If you want to write a book that bad, then read a book. Start write. Especially, especially today's Day and age, like it's so easy, like you can get online publishing and you can get like word does it. Yeah, just for you. Yeah, just like on. It's like not like back in the day, where it's like you had to have like you gotta gone to some like writing college and have like this kind of background and have been like writing in newspapers, like all this stuff to be able to or you know, Amazon makes it pretty easy. Yes, a website called create space that I used. You Can Upload Your Manuscript, they tell you how to do it. You Upload Your cover file, it cost you nothing, you put it on Amazon. Cost you nothing. Yeah, they'll print it on demand and ship on demand. But guess what? They'll take in a big share. Yeah, so I own very few copies of my book. Yeah, but you want to talk about some business advice, the best business if ice I'll give listeners is find a way to make money when you're sleeping. Yeah, when I'm sleeping. Last night I sold three books. Yeah, I made nine bucks, but perfect. I've never made nine dollars when I was asleep before. Ever, it is a game. Chage is definitely been got to sell like nineteen books now, but after being on Dazzu Swad, we won't blow it up. Yeah, every girl out there to buy this book, man, especially a book that you could read in an hour and a half. That's like what actually, what made you come up with that? Like, I want a book that's people can just go through time. Dad's, DAD's whatever. There's not enough time in the day. You're trying to play madden, you're trying to get your fantasy football team right, you're watching football on the weekends and you got to take the kid to soccer practice. Then you got to figure out, like, you know, I need pants and you got to deal with the wife, or the wife's got a deal with the husband, whatever it is. There's twenty four hours in the day and I don't know how people have lived this long with only twenty four hours in a day. Yeah, so now more than ever, we are multitasking. In the course of this podcast, I have responded to two emails, I have posted one instagram, I've answered five questions and I'm over here still trying to figure out how many more things I could do while I'm here. Yeah, exactly. If I had to read a book that was five hours or five thousand pages, yeah, I don't know when I would do it and I might read the first two chapters and I would set it down and then I'm never going to finish. And this is a cool thing too, because, like you know, my listeners definitely know for sure. I'm like a book a month kind of Dude. I had to read a book a month, I like to learn a new skill and new lesson, a new theory and some kind of knowledge, and this is like the perfect thing, man, because it's like I could it's my book for the month. I'm going to learn a new skill, a new lesson, and it's not going to take that much time away from now and then, of course, you know my cigar smoking and Scotch drinking is going to go down, because that's what I like to do while I read my book. That's my dad time. Kids don't bother me because they don't like the smoke. I don't really smoke the cigar as much as I just set it there. Yeah, because it's kind of like bug rippunt for Wifeie kids know it's like, okay, this is dad's time. Got Cigar sits there, I don't book, I got my drink, like some cigars off the round coming on, like don't be out by the window waving dad, like I don't see you. See Right here. Yeah, that's cool. Your Second Break Song Man, you got Fred Hammond. We're blessed. What made you come up? Put Down One. So I go to impact church in Scotts sale whoo's feet this scatto police officer named Keith, and when he comes on with this song on Sundays I feel it. And I grew up in West Phoenix, inner city. And you want to talk about Dads of Swag, I'm a ginger with swag. So let's go and whenever blessed comes on. I realized, like we're blessed in the city, we're blessed in the midnight hour, and God's going to turn it around. And whenever you're going through the valley, just remember that it is a valley of it's a walk through the valley the shadow of death, and through that point...'re going to get out of the valley and the blessings in life are amazing. So Fred Hammond and my man Keith, that impact church shooting king. Let's he again. Bloo Keith can sing that. Yes to man, that dude brings it every week. I'm not God, I love it and when he's not there, it's like my son day ain't is good. You know you're not gonna get blessed. Yeah, like I need it. Let's get blessed. No more taking days off, trum, it's gonna work out.

Now that's dance. Let's do it. What's up? Welcome back to dad's with swag. I love to give back to charity, but sometimes I'm just find it kind of hard to cut that big check. I get so busy with the wife and kids. I'm more of a set it and forget it kind of guy. That's why I love the Angel Club. I could pick the amount I want taking out of my checking account every month. I never see the money, so I never missed the money and I could always feel good about knowing that I'm giving back every month. If you want to join the Angel Club, go to Pierce Family Foundationcom. We in studio. Well, my boys Ach and his book don't sleep on planes. Hit US up on social media at your coach, Sean, could only email me, Sean Shan Alfansocom get past episodes on Dad's with swagcom the show's Availa on itunes. Don't forget to subscribe, review rate the show. If you have any guess that you want to be on the show or you know you want to come on the show, hit me up. If you don't want to get at me on social media, then leave a voicemail for one hundred and five, five seven nine one thousand four hundred and eighty three. We would love to have you in this swaggy ass studio, Dad's with Swag Studio. So Zach, how has your faith impacted this book? I believe that. So I didn't grow up going to church. I found my church because I was at a Phoenix Suns game and I saw the team chaplain walk by and he was a pastor with swag, so I say what's up and we started talking and I was single at the time and I knew that I wanted to fall in love with a woman of faith and that's something that was missing in my life. So started going to church, learning about church, the Lord, what being Christian means, learn about the Bible. It was a very I was cool for me because, whether you're a big believer or not, what's cool about going to church on Sundays, and especially impact church where I go, is you know for that one hour and a half that you're there a church on Sundays, you're getting better. There's a message about being a better person, being a better brother, being a better husband and wife, talking about dreams, talking about goals, dealing with challenges. I've loved that Church has instilled in me. For that one hour and a half, my phone is off and I'm just focusing on being the best me that the good Lord wants me to be. So, when it comes to don't sleep on planes, I've realized, like I've studied business, I got my MBA, like I've got all this academia love of business and knowledge, but I'm not the best business man because I'm so quick to give it away. To that same point, I think that comes back to my faith that, you know, God put me on the Earth to he gave me a lot more energy than most people. I really haven't figured that one out yet. But with the energy he's given me, I wake up every day and I just want to help people. So last week for Labor Day, I put last month for Labor Day, I put the book on Kindle for free. Oh Nice. The idea of the book is help people. Like I'm not going to make a million and if you know, if I make a million to when I make a million dollars with this book, it will be dope and I will have helped a lot of people. But I don't expect to make a million dollars with this book and I just expect to help a million people. So when it comes back to my faith, I think about just helping your neighbor every day with whatever they need. Yeah, it's not. It's like number one rule and the Bible, you know, treat your neighbor how you want to be treated. It's funny, man, because if everybody just did that, if everybody just treated their neighbor the way that they want to be treated. Man as world would be such a better place, and that's the kind of the way to man like, the don't be a jerk touch chapter or the art of talking to strangers. Or you can never know too many people. I think that even if you don't meet one more person the rest of your life, the people that you have met are in your life to help you. But I'm sure you can talk about a time in which you somebody came to use at hey like I some help with this. You thought about who... knew and you got them in touch with somebody that could help them. That should be your mission statement in life, because no matter where you go, what you do, you should be trying to meet more people, not for self interest, but the more people you know, the greater impact you can have on the lives of others. Cool, cool, that's true. So did you meet your wife at our future wife at Impact Church or no? I actually met her volunteering. I was so well put up the heart a little bit growing up. I was a little food insecure and food stamps, hunger boxes we can backpack. I dealt with food and security hunger doesn't have a face. I know where I was at. We were getting handouts, but they were hand up. So I was going to make man Pizza Fridays, Burger Tuesdays like. I remember what free lunch at school was like and it wasn't it wasn't enjoyable. So a couple years ago, I've been blessed to work in professional sports for twelve years. It is the coolest industry in the world, field of millionaires, executives, diehard fans whatever. So I was volunteering with value of the Sun United Way, telling my hunger story and with that, I held the door for her and I try to keep talking her up, talking her up, and this woman walked up and says, Hey, I heard you work in baseball. I said Yeah, and as she wanted to ask me a bunch of baseball questions, she walked away and I was like no, I got to my car and I thought to myself. I was like, you know, I got to talk to this girl. I went back in, I couldn't find her. So I left my business card with the woman that like baseball and I said Hey, like, I'm doing marketing for my campaign to raise money for hunger and this young lady works and hunger and she works in the marketing side, like let's she said she would help me pull the trigger. Yeah, and she texted me. We texted for like two weeks and instead of going to lunch er coffee, went to happy hour and we're there for five hours. Wow. Five years later, she now comes to church with me every week and she'll be my sidekick for life. Nice, it's great. That's cool, man. So now we're going to get into the dad stuff a little. So how eventually you got like you said, and in a few moons. Let's not put the car before the Horse, but eventually you guys going to have some kids. How do you plan on raising your kids in the church? So when you talk about Dads, I'm a before I come back to the kids in the church, part of our relationship with my fiance is her dad was really sick when we first started dating, when we got engaged, actually proposed at San Jo's hospital in his hospital bed before big surgery. So when it comes to the value of father's her mom and dad actually live with us during our before our engagement, during our engagement and now they still live with us. My Dad's out at Luke are force base and still close to him and he's going through cancer right now. And so when I think of Dad's and I think about sports, to me it comes back to I've seen grown men cry. I've seen grown men share their favorite team with their kids every day, the value of fatherhood. I can't wait to be a dad with Swag, a dad with a big heart, a dad that cries. I prayed to have a son because I will cry every day with my daughter. I just I can't wait. Yeah, it's that's so good. When it comes to just raising my kids in the church, like, I didn't grow up in the church, but I know that, based off of what's been instilled in me to this day, what I want instill in them, I will do everything I can to give them the best life, like every human being will do for their kid. But when it comes to raising them in the church, like, I don't know what that looks like because it didn't happen for me. Yeah, but I love the fact to this point I got a great circle and I get to be the coolest uncle, best friend uncle, whatever it is, and I'm learning about that and I firmly believe that I know what I know and for what? I don't know. I look for somebody. So I look to find, when that time comes, somebody that's done it and get to just learn and be a plaut. It's the greatest fear of my life, yeah, is what's it going to be like to be a dad one day and how am I going to raise my child and what values am I going to instill in them and how am I going to find patience? And Dear Lord, please give me the same amount of energy when I have a kid. Thank you. Amen. Yeah, exactly, my I'm a highers that to come play with avas everybody knows, an hourly crack baby who got more energy than I'm like, I do not notice their eyes. So we about to take another break. I picked a song here and I picked a song from my boy Bisil, featuring done and gee. I like this song, man. It's just, you know, it's a it's a good way to get some of that that hiphop, that that that ghetto rap music into your soul. But the lyrics just they speak to your speak to your soul and you know, nobody's coming up, nobody's coming up like Buzel is and, of course, my boy d one his student loans. Fuck Fanny, may you know how it is? I check it out. DN'T GOT it. Thank God. I've been on looking Dan.

Got It. Thank God. I've been on a pin of Strad ain't got it. Thank got it. I've been on the trat it like. I pull up and body like for the word, like trying to catch a botty put body like. Got It. Damn, got it. Damn, got it. Got It. I pull up. Damn, I'm just trying to get oh, Gee told me no degree. He could see a couple Jesus week wrapped up, two years locked up for the next a easily to Gee's fifty two weeks. Times to to honey a king. Wait, wait over ten year. A HOLMI could have made that a ship to late. Really, I ain't with the fakery. Did it all Pitt your eyes in the kitchen whipping pies. Tell him saying for the bakery. All that talking. I'll be dead on a tops it in a coffin with a nail on it. Every libey be selling down with a twenty five. Got A yell on anybody. Tell on everybody a party, go to juice round. Ain't nobody sticking to the g cold they was telling you about. I'll be in a prison with the real killers. You be I can like you wanna be Thanky, telling me to tell y'all prison something you enver panna see, ain't printing like I was an old dog. No Dog, I was just came, just a boy in a hood. Never been a dope boy. I was just traded. I was looking for the truth. Don Streets. Came with a look cold, that little part new code proper. Got It like that. pull up and be hot by, like I was looking for the word, like trying to catch a bunny body like got it, damn, got it, got it, damn got it. Got It, like I pull up, Damn Bud. I'm just trying to catch at my drafts with it to the back, pull up in a nanny the track, a little trapper body. Give me, boy, I'll just rap down. It's a spiritual war. Gotta stays trapped down. They might not want it. What they needed happy saving souls like Dr Shows and I'm under are you a bit of little guy? Wasn't making a telling people follow me and I wasn't leading the way. The first telling my boys in the hood. At the least it up and for the word, looking like catch a by got it, got it, got it, I'm just trying to catch let's do it. Yeah, welcome back to Dadzer Swag. We got my boys, Ach and the House. Make sure you guys go to Amazon and get that book don't sleep on planes. I want this boy making a grip of money while he sleeps all the time. You know, the thing I like about this book don't sleep on planes is the fact that it's going to Ay. It's a short read, okay, and it's going to teach you some life skills that you really need to know. They're going to help you level up your life and get get your get your mind right and start teaching you an attitude of being nice to people and reaching out to people and being vulnerable and putting yourself out there, and it's going to allow you to a you know, it's kind of like what your parents told you when you was a young kid, for every new friend you got is one less enemy, and we got so much trial and tribulation in this world right now that we can all use one more friend. We can all use one more person to chop it up with and be kind to and listen to their story and tell them your story. So grab this book, check it out, read it. It's going to take you an hour and a half to read this book. If you cannot read a book and an hour and a half, then then you got you got...

...some problems, because you either need to step up your reading game, put those like sports illustrated magazines aware. You know, I don't know, maybe get hooked on phonics or something, but it's a short read. It's a cool ass book. You can walk around with it and it's a good conversation piece too, because this book on your coffee table everybody or on your desk, everybody that comes in, your officer comes in your house is going to ask you, Yo, what's that about? Don't sleep on planes. So blow it up on your social media, tell all your friends, ends tell all your family. Go out there, hit up Amazon, get this book. Don't sleep on planes. Thank you, guys, for listening to Dad's with swag we out. Thanks for listening to DAD's sweats every Thursday or going to dad's.

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